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Wenesday's DT!

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Good morning! I am sitting here watching Fox New's! Not doing much else today.Might go buy food.Don't know,or care.I think I might go take a nap.Icky day only32*.Have a good day.
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Its 64 already and its not even 8:00. I can't stand it any more and I'm going to get my hair cut. Bill says that he likes it, the way it is but its constantly falling in my eyes. I want something edgier, so that I don't LOOK like a grandmother.

Rowdy has been trotting around the house, chirping and trilling. Must be the nice weather. Opie is even up. He's been at the back window, hissing and growling at Pearl. Ike and Pearl are romping around the yard and racing around the sheds. Its good to have happy, healthy pets.

Bill doesn't know it, yet but he's cooking dinner. We're having chicken-fried steak. He does a better job of that, than I do.

Happy hump day!
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Just popping in for a couple of minutes. I feel awful today. As if the NVP (nausea and vomiting during pregnancy) wasn't enough, I must have caught whatever bug it was that made Ron sick earlier this week. So now I'm running a temperature (not very high but enough to make me drowsy), my ears hurt, my joints hurt, I feel dizzy and I cough all the time. And I still feel nauseous all the time! It's just not fair!

I guess it's time to take a break for a few hours - maybe even a couple of days. I'm teaching Friday and I don't have everything ready yet - I'm supposed to be teaching about stress in cats... boy can I relate to the subject matter

Hope the rest of you all have a good day!
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I'm sorry you're feeling so bad, Anne! Hope you get better soon!!

I had two tests today, one in Computer Science and one in Biology. I think I did well in both. (I hope, I hope . . .!!!!) Other than that, I'm in a really good mood from seeing the breeder yesterday. I really fell in love with that little kitten! I think I'm going to have to get her. I'm calling everyone I know to tell them about her! LOL (I posted a detailed account of the visit in the Breeder's Corner, in case anyone is interested.)

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!!!!!!!!
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Woo-hoo-hoo! I just got a callback, on Monday's job interview. They want to see me, tomorrow morning and, if this works out, I'll start on May 5!
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Good luck with that callback Cindy.

Anne, you need to take care of yourself. Remember, you're taking care of you AND the baby now!

Aurora, hope you did well on those tests. Not knowing is the WORST!

I swear I've replied to this thing at least twice today, but I must just be imagining it.

I was so busy at work for about 3 months solid, and now I'm back to NOTHING to do. While they don't care too much that I'm on the site sometimes when I'm slow, with the big overtime struggle we went through to get it back I feel like I should be doing something productive.

This Daylight Savings Time is really messing with me this time. I just can't get to sleep when the clock says I should. I end up super tired in the afternoon, but by the time it's time for bed I'm wide awake.
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HEY! that's exactly how I feel! Maybe I'm being affected by the DST too! I was wondering why I couldn't get to sleep the past few nights...

Thanks heidi!
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oh, BTW, Tigger and Roo got their rabies vaccines yesterday. and tigger might have arthritis that only bothers her every once in awhile. The vet says she's still in excellent health for her age.

I have to start work in an hour and I still haven't showered. That's ok, I've got time... I really don't want to go though, it was really hard getting out of bed and I'm tired.

I'm giving Tigger little pieces of my fried egg sandwich (only the egg part) and she's got this thing where she has to push it around first and drop if off the desk onto the floor, making me pick it up, three times before she'll eat it. It's the funniest thing, but making a mess of my computer area.

For the first time, Tigger sat on my keyboard! only on the corner, but right on the caps key! ha ha. Obviously it's fixed now.
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