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I am currently in the process of moving from Massachusetts to just south of the Winston-Salem, NC area.

No more shoveling snow, no more outrageous heating oil bills, and instead of paying $1,100 a month for a 900 sq ft apartment with shared walls crammed in by neighbors, I can rent an 1,100 sq ft HOUSE in NC for just $550 a month.

I'm actually in NC right now, and have a job interview in a couple of hours, and another on Friday. I fly back to MA on Saturday, and I'm hoping that by then I have a lease and a new job!

It is a LOT different than "home," and I am going to miss the ocean, my daughter and all my dear friends, but it's what makes the most sense for me to do.

I say, take your time, do your research, and you'll find a place you can be happy in! Good luck!
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I live in Northern Illinois in the Chicago suburbs and I love it! Its safe, friendly and the best part is downtown Chicago! Southern Chicago has a very high crime rate but the Northern loop is just beautiful! Its right on the lake with so much to see and do (Navy Pier, John Hancock building, etc.) I am not sure of your price range so I can't say if its expensive or not. Good luck with your search!

I forgot to mention climate,

We can have pretty harsh winters but since you're coming from NY, I'm sure its not that big of a deal. Summers are hot-average. (Most days this month have been 85-95 degrees F.)

There are tons of Job opportunities because of the city. What field are you in?
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