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Vibes for Mabel please  

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She had her first vet visit tonight, she has been here 3 weeks on Sat. She has had some diarrhea this week, so it was brought forward a week. Vets initial comment was 'she is elderly, dehydrated and arthritic' - then she actually examined her!! Her thin back legs are muscle wastage, her breath is incredibly bad teeth, how this cat is eating as much as she is is beyond me, she has loads of pus. Tummy is tense due to the diarrhea, which has also caused dehydration (yet in isolation today, she was perfectly solid and got the tray!!), and vet has done full bloods before we decide anything for teeth and arthritis - she is suspecting multiple health issues and doesn't even want me to buy arthritis supplements till we know what is going on, so not the most positive thing - and she is in better condition than she was 3 weeks ago, her nose and eyes have been clear for the past 24 hours, her face has never been so clean. She has had 2 jabs, and we have antirobe tabs until we know what the bloods say, the vets initial thoughts are about not being strong enough to cope with an anaesthetic. She has wolfed nearly a pouch and a half since getting home, and i have had to move all the other food cos she still wants to eat anything in sight. So, looks like I picked a good one here, but the most important thing is that she is in a home environment with more one on one for whatever time she has left. Ironic that she was supposed to help me get over Rosie and has more health issues, and certainly more confusing.
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I hope she wil be ok.
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Awww, poor Mabel. Sending lots of vibes her way.
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I wish you all the best and pray that she feels better soon!
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Awwww Mabel, Bless her
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Poor little Mabel, Prayers and for you both
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for you both and for Mabel to recover with the treatments poor sweet girl.
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Thanks everyone, she had a bad night last night, so will have to see what the results tomorrow bring. She is in isolation again with limited food, as she had major poo issues last night, and we have started the ab's for her mouth today, so hopefully that will help somewhat. I have a vet visit tomorrow with one of the fosters, so I could take her along if I have to.
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aww poor baby things get better
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Sending tons of vibes for Mabel
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lots of vibes for Mabel, the poor dear
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Thanks guys, she still has diarrhea, although I dont think she is as dehydrated. Ended up ringing the emergency vet last night as she was desperate for food, but I wasn't sure how much or what to give her, so she is currently on sardines (no sensitivity food in, and she only picks at fresh chicken, although no wonder with her teeth), and I am waiting for my vet to open in 20 mins to see if the results are back - at least I am already going there with one of the others today, so she can be seen if the vet feels it necessary.
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Prayers for her to feel better.
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bloods aren't back, but due to her diarrhea, vet wants to see her when I am there with Moses, so get to take 2 to the vet this morning, what fun.
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what a difficult time you are both having. here's lots of healing for your precious girl and some for you.
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Thanks - her results are indicative of lymphoma, and in her intestines, which is one of the worst places. Vet has given her a strong steroid, but if her poos dont improve, I have no option than to let her go, as she is constantly hungry but can't keep food in her long enough to get nutrients, and however bright and playful she is, that is no life for her.
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i'm so sorry. i know only too well how hard it is to make that decision. i'll keep everything crossed that the steriods work for her. my thoughts are with you.
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I am so so sorry. It is hard to hear for sure. When the time comes I am sure you will do what you have to do but it is still hard.
for Mabel.
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Thanks, it is a month on Mon since I was last in this position, so even harder, i honestly didn't want to have to go through this so soon, but someone is obviously having different ideas for me this year. I do hope the meds have some effect.
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So sorry to hear that. I will be keeping you all in my prayers.
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Thanks - there does seem to be some improvement, she had 6 poos on Sat and only two poos overnight, not solid, but some shape to them, much better than before she went to the vet. Will ring them at lunchtime and see what she has to say, personally I dont think it is her time.
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*vibes and prayers for you and your little girl Mabel* Hope to hear some good news soon... This must be a really tough time for you... I'm sorry.
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Thanks - vet has agreed to continue the steroids, she has given them to me in tablet form, and fortunately Mabel is so hungry that she eats her food with no concept of what is in it - she has only given me a weeks worth to see how we go though, so not sure just how positive she is about it. I dont think we will get months with her, but her seeing a full month here would be nice. I have to go to the rescue she is from on Sun and tell them - they all loved her to bits, and she had 15 months there, but at least she has a home life for the end of her life, it is why I do it.
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I am so sorry that you are having to go through this! It has to be tough! But I am sure that your love and big has made Mabel's life wonderful since you have had her! I will continue to remember you in my thoughts and prayers!
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Thanks - she has only had one poo overnight, but still not solid, and I am having real issues keeping her out of hte other cats food, as none of them eat all their food in one go!! I am debating taking her to the rescue with me on Sun, so they can all see her again, but not sure if that is a really daft thought.
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More for Mabel.
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Prayers and for little Mabel.
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Thanks, we had a bad day yesterday, nothing but sloppy poos, and she was off her food a bit - hopefully the poos were just cos she ate Moses food. There was also some sick downstairs when I got up, and I am suspecting her. She is brighter today though, so fingers crossed it was just a one off. I am debating taking her to the rescue with me on Sun, so they can say (another) goodbye to her, and see that she is looking so much better, that is the irony really, her fur is much better than when she came.
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when janet was ill my vet said that all the time the good days outweighed the bad then things were ok. that said, the bad days are also sad days too.

sending lots of for your dear girl and for you.
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Thanks - she hasn't eaten much wet overnight, preferring the dry, but she has got almost back to normal - I wonder if it is the dry food helping? Have had to mix some normal food with her sensitivity this morning to get her to eat (typical after I go and buy a full box!!), cos it is warm so i dont want her eating purely dry. i am just hoping it doesn't mean the steroids aren't working as well. I did some research last night and upset myself, three sites I read all said that if only treated with steroids, the average lifespan is 45-60 days (can post the link if people are interested), and it is now the most common form of lymphoma.
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