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Advice and Vibes needed please

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Bamf's test results came in last week (sorry for not reporting) and he does NOT have giardia, coccidia, or parasites of any kind.

Unfortunately, his stool is still soft. It has become a more uniform color (darker brown like Pixel's) and is firmer somewhat, but it is still soft and he is pooping fairly large piles 3-4 times per day. Pixel typically poops twice. Sometimes the center of his bum is slightly red and it is often dirty, also. He is still wheezing some when he breathes, sneezing regularly, his nose is a bit snotty (very pale green snot) and his eyes are boogery too (very pale green), although it is again only a little. He is active and eating and drinking. In fact, I feel like he is eating too much. His little belly is very fat and round!

The vet old me to call her this week and tell her how they were doing. When I did, she told me to wait again until next week to see if they get any better. Pixel seems to be doing fine. After her short pukey episode almost two weeks ago, she is perky and healthy! She eats, drinks, potties, and plays just fine, and is not sneezing or snufflenosed. But poor Bamf is still sick and the vet does not want to give him any antibiotics, she wants him to beat it on his own. Plus, she thinks it is a virus not a bacterial infection. They have been on a Lysine supplement since I brought them home on June sixth and he is only somewhat better!

So first, I need vibes for Bamf please. He is a good boy and he does not need to be sick! He is growing like a weed and eating and drinking fine but I am worried about him.

Secondly, I need advice: They are almost 20 weeks old, and neither of them are speutered and they have not received their rabies shot! This is not because of me. The vet would not perform either procedure while they were ill. While I do not blame her, I am very afraid that Bamf may develop intact male behavior patterns or Pixel will go into heat before I know it. This is bad news.

Do you know anything else that I can do for Bamf to help him get better? Should I ask the vet to run another test, maybe a culture on his snot? Or should I ask her to give me more medication? The kittens were on Amoxil liquid for one month! Should I be angry that she has not tried to do more for him, or is she right in wanting him to beat this naturally? What else can I do for his belly? Could it be the virus/infection upsetting him?

Since Pixel is doing well, I was thinking about getting her spayed next week if the vet will do it. We still do not know what her rib cage may mean for her as she ages, but right now she is very healthy. Then I will not have to worry about her going into heat and will not have any babies, even if Bamf is not neutered due to illness. What do you think?

Again, please send vibes. Poor Bamf needs to feel better soon.
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Has he been through a course of antibiotics? My vet always does it when they have a URI, and it has always seemed to clear it up pretty quickly. But, of course, it won't affect a virus. But the "kitty snot" was apparently a dead giveaway to her, and Punkin cleared up in just a couple of days.

The flip side is that antibiotics can also cause diarrhea.
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Bamf has had diarrhea since we brought him home on June 6. Some days it is worse than others. He (and Pixel) had a URI at the time, and saw the vet for it on a Tuesday (we brought them home on a Friday). He did have soft stool that whole time. After the vet visit, the kittens were on antibiotics for a MONTH. Bamf is still ill and is basically in the same state of health that he was in when we brought him home almost two months ago, except that he is bigger and chubbier. And he has been OFF the antibiotics for almost a month and still has soft stool.

Really, except that the antibiotics did not really work, there is no way to tell that it is a virus or a bacteria because the vet has not done a culture or any other tests on him.

I just don't know what to do. My poor sickie!
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I still need advice, please.

I am not sure what to do for my kitties.
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I think getting Pixel spayed would be a good thing to do. As you said, that would eliminate one worry.

What are you feeding Bamf? Perhaps that particular food doesn't agree with his system so well and a change might be the right thing to do.

Has he been dewormed? If not, it's possible he has worms and that would cause a soft stool.

The fact that he's playing and growing is a good sign.. Since the cats had already been on antibiotics for a month, I can see why your vet does not want to put him on antibiotics again. They of course, are not effective against a viral infection and many antibiotics will contribute to diarrhea.

I'm sending vibes that your poor Little Bamf gets completely well soon.
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I am feeding Bamf and Pixel Royal Canin Kitten, which is the same food that the breeder was feeding them before I brought them home. I have not changed dry foods at all. I suppose it could still be affecting him somehow, but his still was not soft at the breeders and it was soft on the very first day that I brought him home...!

For whatever reason, the breeder was feeding them Friskies wet and I transitioned to Wellness wet, but it has not really affected his stool at all. It was the same on either food. I did feed Friskies for a few weeks. Also, he is not drinking tap water. I have been using bottled drinking water so that they wouldn't have a negative reaction to my city water (the breeder is from a different town).

I already had them dewormed, but the vet also checked for worms and neither of them had any. We also had his stool checked for giardia and coccidia but he does not have those either.

I just can't figure out what might be upsetting him.

Thank you so much for the vibes.
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Could you try a "simpler" dry kitten food? Like Nutro Natural Kitten or Sensible Choice Kitten. Maybe he has food sensitivities.

Royal Canin has a few kitten foods, maybe the breeder was using a different one than you are?
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When I felt I reached an impasse with my dog, I got a second opinion. I suggest the same.
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