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Fina... poor baby.

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About 5 days ago Fina went missing. If we lived in a suburban area we would put up fliers; but we live right next to woods. Once my mother was walking back there and she heard coyotes howling a few yards away. Back to the subject... fina was my first real cat. I got her 5 years ago. She was always aloof, but when we got Coriander when Fina was 3 she basically became a barncat-minus the barn. She would come in at nights, sometimes, and snuggle with my brother but that was it. She hated to be picked up, and bit you if you petted her for too long. She had a wool suckling fetish. My brother is very adamant about outdoor cats, even though I told him the dangers, but he just kept Fina the way she was - outdoors 80% of the time....

so 5 days ago was the last we saw fina. The dogs have been going crazy every night. Some animal attacked one of the dogs because she has a tooth mark on her forehead. Something also stole her food dish. Jenny is my 9 month old retriever pup and she comes in whimpering and growling sometimes. I'm trying to keep Coriander safe, but it's scary.... RIP fina
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don't give up! fina might come home yet. my old cat mia went MIA for 2 weeks and came back all scraggy & thin as a rake. try to keep your spirits up . if it's any consolation, living near woods she must have/have had a wonderful life with you doing all the things cats do.
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Sending vibes that Fina comes home safe and sound - she might have been "holed up" by coyotes and if enough humans go out, the coyotes will back off. Also, an old-time country method to keep coyotes away is to "mark territory" (with pee) around the perimeters that you don't want the coyotes to cross (it's much easier for guys than we ladies to do, obviously) - sounds gross, but it works - that is how canines communicate - with the scents from urine and poop.
Also sending prayers and vibes of healing and comfort for you
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R.I.P. to Fina......may she rest in peace now...
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hopefully your baby will come home don't give up hope
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