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Milo Spraying

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We have noticed over the last little while that there was pee in the bathroom but it was only a couple days ago that we found out which animal is doing it. It is Milo, he is almost 4 years old and he is neutered.

Apparently he was in the bathroom and he peed on the bathtub and bathmat and then on my fiances dad twice and then on the mat in front of the toilet. He used to spray a lot until he got neutered and then he stopped but has recently started again.

Is there anything I could do to try and stop it? Right now, I do not have any money to take him to the vet.
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When males are peeing inappropriately its usually a medical reason. He could have an UTI, so it really is necessary to get him to the vet and have him checked out. If he gets blocked and cannot pee, he will die in a few days.
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We decided to bring him to the vet. Hopefully we can get him in on Saturday.
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It does sound like a UTI problem, one of my boys does the exact same thing when he has UTI. Good luck.
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Wow, thanks..my boy is spraying now too along with coughing so the vet is coming over 9 AM tomorrow. Thank GOD for house calls.
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Milo is going to the vet Tuesday at 11:30 so hopefully we can find out what is wrong.
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my old cat marvin was a sprayer in a couple of places. as soon as we got him a friend it stopped instantly. i'm convinced he was doing it cuz he was unhappy. maybe your cat is trying to tell your something? i hope it's nothing serious xx
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My cat Seldon started doing it as a reaction to his environment. So he is isolation for 2 weeks to get over the behavior. He was being territorial. When Cleo was actually peeing all over the place it was a reaction to his environment. So he was put in isolation for awhile. Cleo no longer pees places he should not.
Seldon has not sprayed in his room.
The isolation room is actually a room I reserve for the cats. There is a cat tree, water fountain, toys and a window with a view of the birds so it is not actually as bad as it sounds.
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