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Not Handling This Well

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I figured this was as good as any place to vent this, I don't feel I am handling things all that well re Snoopy's death last week. Doesn't seem to matter that I have 2 other cats here, it's just not the same here without Snoopy. Went over to my buddy's place lastnight and his cat is almost a twin of Snoopy and it choked me up. Same body size, same fur, same colouring, just a different head.

Yesterday at the mall waiting to get my hair cut, I just found myself staring out to space in a fog, going over everything in my head a zillion times, sorta like the " what if" stage. I've gone through 2 episodes of clinical depression and I think I'm going into a 3rd. I was doing so well prior to this and it just feels like someone has basically dropped me from a great height.

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Cabbie, you're grieving for the loss of one who was dear to you. Never let anyone tell you "it's just a cat"; there is not such thing. You are hurting and missing Snoopy, and that's 100% NORMAL. One week is still a very short time and the pain is fresh.

Sending a hug your way!
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Cabbie, my heart goes out to you. Losing Snoopy was a terrible shock, and you have to grieve. If the doctor has previously prescribed something, ask for a bit of help, but don't let the depression get to you. It's bad enough to lose a pet; you don't need any more problems. Try to do something you really enjoy. Rent some great movies, take joy in the coming of Spring, but don't let the depression win. Cry when you need to. You need to get the grief out. He was a special part of your life. Perhaps you could even think about rescuing a needy kitten---whatever you think will help. I wish I could offer more help. I know depression is debilitating. God bless you.
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My heart also goes out to you and I'm sending lots of (((HUGS))) and good vibes your way. I agree with the other posters before me - it takes everyone a different amount of time to deal with their grief over a loved one. I lost my Midnight 16 years ago and at times when I look at photos of him I still tear up. These wonderful babies can mean more to us then some human people, so don't beat yourself up about it - just take all the time you need to mourn your beloved Snoopy and know that someday in the far future you will meet again. Snoopy is still watching over you and is forever in your heart. Please take comfort in knowing we all care about you here and if you need a shoulder, I know you won't have to look far. I will be praying for you and wishing you well in your time of loss. I wish there was a magic word I could say to make it all better, but unfortunately, there isn't. Hang in there as best you can and if you need to vent, talk, just make sure someone is there for you and understands what you're feeling - just jump on this site and we'll all be here for you.
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