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Jellows recovery..

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Well good news!!!

Jellows in amazing condition! He's made such a beautiful recovery!!!

He's walking right, the hump is gone, he's playing around, he runs he eats, uses his potty, drinks water, sleeps everything like he used to do!!! Except he's still not as playful as he used to be, but he's still my snuggle bunny!!!

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful thoughts, your help and support! He still hasn't seen a vet, but he will be going by the end of next month for sure . I'm so happy he's alrigh!

Khi on the other hand is all over! We hid all the holes where she could get under the couch with everything after jellow's painful night. So she's out more and playful and snuggly! Its wonderful!!!

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That is so wonderful give him a little kiss from me and my babies
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That's great news!

It's so awful worrying about them when they're sick!
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Fantastic! So glad to hear that he is feeling better. It is so scary when your babies are sick. Great that he is eating and gaining strength.

The hump you mentioned, was it on his head. That could have been a hematoma, a blood bruise/clot, under the skin. Very often you also have that same kind of bruise or hematoma in the brain cavity of the skull. This can cause the neurological problems that you described with difficulty walking and using his paws. That's why when the swelling in the brain goes down they get better. Still not good because that can very easily cause permanent damage. If you can possibly take him on to the vet now since you planned to go anyway next month. It is so important with that kind of injury to make sure he is checked. His quality of life could still be affected. I have seen this so much and it is something that only a vet can evaluate.

Sending prayers that he continues to get better.
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I'm so happy to hear that Jellow is feeling so much better. I hope he's all back to normal and continues to feel so well!
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