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Crazy litter-throwing kitties!

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My three kittens are great about using their litter boxes, and always have been! But lately I think they like the littler box a little too much because they've started playing in it! I know it's normal for them to dig and such, even if they don't need to go potty. I've also read about kitties taking their toys to the box, which one of mine (the male) has done a few times. I don't mind this as I know it is normal and doesn't make a mess.

But the last couple of weeks, the kittens have been digging so furiously during play that they are actually throwing handfuls of litter out of the box! I think it is mainly the male doing this because he seems more obsessed with playing there, but I can't be sure as I've never caught them in the act! I have to constantly sweep and vaccuum around the boxes because there is litter all over the floor!

Have any of you dealt with this kind of behaivor? Will they grow out of it, or do I just need to break down and buy a few of those boxes with the extra tall sides?
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I would go ahead and buy a litterbox with higher sides as long as you can find one that is not too big for the kittens. My Starbuck was a litter thrower when she was a kitten. As soon as she was big enough I wound up getting her a covered litterbox. Starbuck still sprays litter when I take the lid off her box to scoop it. My cat is almost 2 years old and she still sprays litter on when she has the chance too. I feel like I took a shower in litter after I am done scooping her box. She likes to get in my way and spray litter at me. She is not doing it every time like she did when she was a baby. Some cats do not outgrow digging. I know I would have litter all over my basement if I used an uncovered litterbox. All my litterboxes are covered. I already had 2 covered litterboxes for my other 2 adult cats when I got Starbuck but she was too little to climb into them when she was a baby.
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I was in the bathroom getting ready this morning and noticed my kitten playing in his box, which I thought was totally strange, but glad to hear it's normal. That being said, I would get a covered litter box.
Another thing I thought was strange is that when I clean out his box, he is walking around the rim trting to play, and it never fails...he always takes a dump before I get done cleaning it. I think I'll shut the door from now on.
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Well, I don't know if I'll actually use a covered litter box because I have one very "picky potty-er" who does not like a stinky box. I've heard that many cats don't like covered boxes because they concentrate the odor. But I have seen boxes with three taller sides and one lower one (for entry/exit), and this is what I am considering.
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I have covered boxes...minus the covers; This gives for a really deep box, but not the 'stinkiness' that picky kitties don't like... and most of the litter that comes out is mainly on paws...not tossed over...tehehe...
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