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Loud abnoxious cat in heat?!

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I have two cats currently. One male and one female. My male cat is a purebred male Mainecoon. He's absolutely beautiful and a joy to have around the house... My other cat is a mutt cat, small, black with light tiger stripes if you catch her in the right lighting. She is also the single most annoying cat that has ever lived.

Unfortunately I haven't had the money since I got my female cat to take her to the vet to get her "fixed"... This has lead to me wanting to rip her freakin' head off as she has gone into heat. Mostly because she won't quit making noise all the time... WHINE WHINE WHINE... while sticking her butt up in the air at me. My Mainecoon, Max, will have nothing to do with her. AS SOON AS I can afford it, I'm getting her fixed. But in the meanwhile does anyone know of ANYTHING I can do to get her to shut up?

She literally will whine in this miserable little voice all day long. I've come very close to getting rid of her due to this problem. Though I've tried to keep my cool about it, I'm nearly at my wits end. SOMEONE PLEASE... if you know any way to get her to stop going into heat every few days and making this horrid whining noise, please tell me!
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The best solution is to get her fixed. She isn't enjoying this any more than you are! Not to mention if she were to get outside, you could end up with a litter of kittens. 'Tis the season for it!

There are numerous low-cost spay/neuter programs, check out www.spayusa.org to find vets in your area.
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have a cat in heat than a missing cat. What's interesting is that my male tabby, Myst, has exhibited some of those female-heat behaviors. When I would open the door and let him in the house, he'd jump on the sofa, then begin his bonding by rubbing. Then he'd stretch his front legs with his butt in the air and I'd pet him. He would just make eye contact with you and start stalking towards you on the sofa to begin his bonding and rubbing. Then he'd roll on his back and lie there, just like a female cat. I also taught Myst to beg for his food, as a dog would. Just thinking about how talented he is brings tears to my eyes. So, I'm off for now.
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You have 2 choices: Get her fixed or get her bred and I am sure you don't want to breed her so getting her fixed is the only way.

There are a lot of low cost spaying programs. Try contacting your local humane society - I am sure they can help.
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Mom of 10:
Thanks for the info. Yeah... we know it's the only real way. I had wondered if there was a pheromone or anything… anything. But I guess we’re just going to have to suffer it out a bit longer. That link was helpful though.

I’m sorry to see that your cat is missing. I would hate it if Max (my mainecoon) took off on me. Best of luck to you… don’t forget to leave out food and perhaps a dirty article of your clothing (cats need to smell you to remember sometimes).

Catus Maximus (Max):

Stella (as a baby):

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She is vocal right now because she is in heat, and females in heat are a bit miserable which is why they cry. She is also vocalizing hoping an intact male will hear her and help her out of her misery.

Call your vet and get her in to be spayed. Most vets are really understanding and will even take payments. If your maine coon is not neutered keep him away from her till she is fixed.

Follow this link:

Spay & Neuter Resources
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Here is a link that can help you find a low cost spay/neuter program in your area!


Your babies are just gorgeous! Good luck.
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that Myst is missing. And here's the conundrum: If he's looking for a fertile female, I don't know of any in the neighborhood and I can't imagine any strays or ferals surviving the winter because it was one of the coldest and snowiest on record. Myst will probably be roaming quite far. Bye the way, Myst played with and chased a white and black neighborhood calico cat (female and spayed) this past summer. I just saw the calico cat in our backyard today. Just to let you know what a cool kitten Myst was; he would sit in our backyard crabapple tree, stare at the white-tailed deer browsing in the yard, then playfully charge at them. Your cats are quite awesome and what's interesting is how Max has one eye closed more than the other. That's very similar to Mysts' eyes.
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