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Question of the Day - July 24th!!

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The age old question.... Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi for me!
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Pepsi for me, but i always have cans of diet cherry Coke in the fridge
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I'm not a huge fan of either one, but if I had to choose....

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I prefer pepsi but I like rum and coke better than rum and pepsi.
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Whatever one's on sale is good enough.

Given a choice, though, Coke Cherry Zero!
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I would have to say Pepsi..
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Dr. Pepper!! Diet Cherry Pepsi if I must pick.
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Diet Coke, preferably caffeine free
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Neither. I am not a fan of cola!

If I had to pick, Cherry Coke. I think Pepsi Max is ok.
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Both... but mainly Coke....
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Not a big soda gal, but if I had to pick, Coke. I like vanilla coke and cherry coke.
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I hate soda, so neither
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I would rather have a coke than pepsi.
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Root Beer! Oh, that wasn't the question? While I will drink most any cola, I think I prefer Coke.
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Diet Pepsi, I'm addicted to it I haven't had a regular pop in forever
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Now THIS is a question!!

Coke for me! I'm something of a Coke addict (boy, that sure sounds bad! ). I drink a lot more milk and water than soda, but sometimes nothing can replace a Coke! Pepsi to me tastes like a fountain Coke, but with the mix just a little off... I'll drink either, though.
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Errm. I kinda hate both.

Can I say Pepsi Max, as in the rollercoaster ride?
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The real orginal Coca-Cola!! Cherry Coke is ok too.
Pepsi is too sweet.
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It would have to be Pepsi for me.
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Neithor! I haven't had a soft drink in over 10 years (Before i quit drinking them though- i was addicted to Dr. Pepper!)

I usually just drink ice water, sweet tea, or juice.
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Neither, I stopped drinking pop about 4 years ago! It just REALLY sucks to go to parties because all they have is pop, unless they know I'm comming (and care)
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Any of those types of beverages do really bad things to my body. I haven't drank any of them in a good 7 years. I'm much healthier without them, have more energy, and feel better!
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I'm definatly a PEPSI person!
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I'm not a huge fan of either one, but if I had to choose....

Not one for pop of any kind, for the most part, though I do keep some of the San Pellegrino fruit ones on the shelf. They're at least not too sweet and have some fruit juice in them. I used to drink colas, though, and always preferred Coke to Pepsi.
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Oh goodness, they're both so good. I'll pick Pepsi, though. If it's just between those two, of course. Otherwise I'd take DP!
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Diet Pepsi. I'll drink Diet Coke if nothing else is available, but I don't really like it all that much.
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Diet pepsi for me!
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I like them both, but prefer Coke.
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