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Listless Mog ...

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Just wondering if you could help, as the missus is concerned that our cat isn't well.

She's not cleaning herself, not eating so is overly skinny, sleeping more than usual and 'whinging' ina really feeble sounding way.

She's been a fussy sod before regarding food, we've had to change brands quite regularly to keep her interested, and is quite skittish by nature, probably due to some mistreatment when she was younger before we got her from the local Cat Shelter. She did have a big scare about a fortnight ago when we had a leak in the kitchen and part of the ceiling came in, but that was 2 weeks ago and she seems to be getting worse not better.

We're jst a little concerned that something is up ... any advice?
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Any idea how old she is?

Does she go outside?

Often, by the time cats show symptoms, they are very sick. A vet visit might be in order, just to rule out the usual suspects. It would be easy for us to jump to conclusions like a respiratory infection or a urinary infection, but that would just be shooting in the dark, and it wouldn't give you any idea what to do to help her.
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She's 2.5, and goes outside all the time ... it's only been over the last fortnight or so that she's been acting up.

I think we're going to get her checked just for piece of mind.
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That's a good idea. Cats that go outside are exposed to all sorts of disease, parasites, and poisons, and any of those could cause her to be ill. And, like us, they do occasionally get sick and don't feel good for a while.
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A Vet visit would be the best thing to do. Good luck. Prayers and
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