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Bizarre behaviour after vets visit

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Hi All,

I have 2 Siamese cats, Brother and sister, both of them 'fixed'. The Male is submissive to the female normally.

Two nights ago i took the male to the vet because he had a massive swelling on the side of his face. He stayed overnight at the vet, and was fine the next morning, so i picked him up and took him home.

The female was extremely agressive towards him when we got home, but i thought it was just because he smelled of the vet etc. and this would pass.

When i got home last night from work she was still behaving really bizarrely. Whenever he'd come lose to her, she'd hiss and growl at him.

By now he doent smell of vet anymore.

This morning He was lying on my bed and she was lying staring at him from the floor. When he got up to go towards he her she hissed at him and ran away.

This is really bizarre. Anyone have any insight as to what she might be getting upset about?

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He probably still doesn't quite smell like himself. Try putting a little vanilla extract (the real kind) under both cats' chins and near the base of their tales. This should help her recognize her brother.
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Yes, for some reason, I think its that medicinal smell that scares them. One of my cats was in the hospital for about a week, when he came home one of my other cats was terrible towards him, it really broke my heart, but then the smells all wore off, and she got over it.
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Yes, you may think he doesn't smell of the vet anymore, but cats' noses are very sensitive, so she still smells it.

I agree, try the vanilla. Or just keep them apart for a few days until he's back to his old smell.
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