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Kitten pooping beside the litterbox?!

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I recently brought home a 3 month old kitten who seemed to be litter trained for the first few days, but today she has started pooping right beside the litter box. She is still peeing in it. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Any help would be appreciated.
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It could be she doesn't care for the litter too much. Some cats also like to urinate in one and poop in another.

Good luck.
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I agree - usually when they're trying right by the box, there's something about the box they don't like.

Usual suspects - are you scooping enough? (twice a day is usually suggested); try more than one box in a different area (lots of kitties like to pee in one and poo in the other); maybe try Kitten Attract litter (the adult version worked great for my boy); can she get in and out of the box easily - if not, try a smaller version; and, for real fun, make sure you're cleaning with an enzyme cleaner of some sort, so the residual odor doesn't scream 'rest area' to her.

If things don't work out, please do take her to the vet for a check-up - a lot of times cats can't tell us they're feelng unwell except by not using the litter box.

Good luck - I know it's frustrating!
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Nature's Miracle makes a great cat litter that I love. It's 100% natural, clumps well and does a decent job of covering up the odor, and, it's flushable! I know that a lot of people also love World's Best, and Feline Pine (although FP won't cover the poops).

How big is the litter box? Is it kitten sized or adult sized? If it's an adult sized switch it to a kitten sized, it makes it easier for the kitten to get in and out of.

Also has your kitten been dewormed?

Do you have other cats?

If possible keep the litter box away from her eating area. Most cats don't like to eat near to where they do their business

When washing the litter box itself, just use plain ol dish soap and hot water. Don't use harsh chemicals like bleach as certain smells can repulse the animal. Remember cats go by smell and if their box smells all chemically and weird to them...well, you get the picture. Not to mention the residual fumes can harm them.

Hopes this helps, please keep us posted.
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