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Convincing the 'Rents

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Okay, here's the back story.

A church family who are close friends of ours have 3 kittens that need really good homes. I am in LOVE with two of them, of course. Tonight I visited them again, and the male just adores me. He cried when I started to leave! There's also a girl who is very fluffy and chubby, she's simply precious.

Well, me and the daughter in the family were talking about how to find homes for them. I thought Craig's List, but it's become so dangerous. This whole world is dangerous, you don't know who to trust anymore. And when I saw that big forum posting on CL about how some people were pretending to adore little free kittens, only to get them and feed them to bigger animals, my heart sank. How do you find the purrrrfect home for the little buggers?

Well, I thought if I could just take ONE, then there'd only be two and it'd be easier to find homes for two than three.

The problem is, and those of you who've seen me around know, that we have a zoo here: 2 cats, 4 dogs, 5 frogs, 5 snakes, 2 giant lizards... yeah. My parents are really at their limit. My mom doesn't want ANY more animals at all, and my dad doesn't want any more furry ones.

BUT... I have the biggest room in the house. Bella is mostly in the room with me, anyway, and the same would go with the kitten. Of course, I also have the 5 frogs, 1 snake, and 1 of the huge lizards in here.

Okay, so, now that the details are above, does anyone have ANY advice on how to convince my parents to give a home to one more little helpless kitten? I was SO BLESSED to get Bella, I am still soooo grateful for her, I guess I just REALLY want to help out these kittens cause I've seen them grow and really care for them.

I know there's someone out there who either had to convince their parents or themselves (lol) to provide a home for a sweet defenseless little baby. So, if you have, PLEEEEASE speak up!
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I didn't have to persuade mine to get another kitty, but one way you could persuade yours is bring him/her home, and say "Look at that little face. How could you not love that little face!?" And when they see him/her, they'll be smitten. lol
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Lauracatlover has a wonderful idea

I haven't had any luck with my folks, when they found out I was keeping cats on the sly while they were abroad they completely flipped out. My mother didn't talk to me for a month... Geez. She just hates cats, she thinks they look evil. Besides that, she also hates a dirty house and no matter how you clean, you'll have cat fur all over the place and its so fine it gets into everything. So no dice for me, all I can have is fish for now.. till the day they kick the bucket. (My parents are so against me moving out that my father actually said the day I move out is the day we're no longer family. Must be something in the Asian culture that makes parents so wonky!)

Since you already have so many animals, I'd say your parents would be willing to let one more kitten in, as long as you tell them this will definitely be the last one and really mean that. Also, might help if you could exchange something with them, like offering to take on more household chores.
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Yay! For once my idea seems to be good!

Another thing you could do to help persuade them is explain the situation, and tell them about people feeding them to other animals etc. I'm sure they'll understand and you'll get the little fuzzbutt!
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No i wouldn't bring it home, I don't know how old you are, but since you are living with your parents still i presume you are pretty young. Firstly think about it financially, do your parents have enough money to provide for another cat? I don't mean just for cat food, but I mean vet expenses and more toys and possibly another kitty litter pack per week. Don't get me wrong when i lived at home we had 21 cats a dog a fish tank and birds. What if you want to move out soon enough, and then realise you cant take the kitties, then it will be another burden on your parents for looking after it. I presume they still work and by the sound of all those exotic pets its sure hard work giving them all the attention they need!

Please dont take this in a negative way, but don't just think of today, think about the next few years and where you see your self.

Instead of taking the kitty in, why don't you help the family look for a good new owner?
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I know you mean well, but it IS your parent's house and you really have to respect them and their rules. If they say no more pets, please don't argue about it.

How soon do you think it would be before you got your own place? If its a short time, maybe they would allow the kitten - if its gonna be longer, then you will have to pass on the kittens.

Maybe you can help find homes for them.
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Firstly, yes my parents help me financially and love to take care of and spoil our pets. Dad's a vet, so those kinds of bills aren't really at issue. I'm 19, and I do live with them, and will stay with them until I'm out of college, unless I just can't take it anymore, or find an awesome roommate.

NO, I would NEVER leave my animals with my parents. They're my repsonsibility, and I'm not the flighty-minded person I seem to be taken for on here.

But, you're right, goldenkitty. It IS my parents' house, except in this family we don't really think of it as theirs, we think of it as OURS, considering we all worked really hard to get to this place in our lives and we all made the decision to come here and all put it work. BUT... I do think we hit our limit when little Boo came into the house. At least, on furry animals, we hit the limit.

I guess I just want to help sooo bad, considering we can give it such a GREAT home, and my room is so huge I could have a whole colony in there. But, I hate seeing my parents stressed about the furry animals being everywhere and all that.

I think I will wait, even if it's sooo hard!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
No i wouldn't bring it home, I don't know how old you are, but since you are living with your parents still i presume you are pretty young.

I lived with my parents until i was 29 so sad LOL.
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My parents let me have just about any animal as long as I was responsible in taking care of it. But we still didn't have a lot at one time. The only thing my mom would not allow me to have (and had to wait till I was out of the house) was a snake. She let m have turtles and lizards but drew the line at a snake

DH says if he would ok it, I'd probably have a zoo now.....
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