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Cat Tree

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Well, after 2 long weeks and our poor cats thinking we've abandoned them for spending so much time away (had to drive 45 min away to work on it) we finally finished our cat tree! it's completely home-built and designed (mostly designed on the fly). My dad brought it over this morning.

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Well, it appears to already received two paws up!
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Wow!!!! That's really neat!! Seems like your kitties already love it!
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that is great!! Nice work!
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Awesome design! I'll have to show this to my husband, since he wants to build one rather then buy.
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That is completely awesome! I should look into building one for my little (or should I say big?) angels! That'd be a fun 'learning' project! Since I can't even hammer in a nail properly! LOL

Great job
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Your cat tree is awesome! I it!
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I can't see anything, both my cats are infront of the screen drooling

(that's AWESOME!!!!)
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Nice job! That tunnel is really neat!
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They look like they are in kitty heaven. Very impressive.
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Very nice! I bet your kitties love it!
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