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Finally, the rest of the reptiles!

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Okay, here's the pics. The first two reptiles are my new ones, the rescue Columbian Tegu and the Kenyan Sand Boa my cousin the breeder sent me for my birthday:

Delilah, the Columbian Tegu:

Magma, the Kenyan/Egyptian/African Sand Boa:

And let me say, that he is the sweetest, cutest little snake EVER!!
Fireball, the Albino Gopher Snake

Also a real sweetie! He's about 13, now.
Diamond Joe, the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

And he's actually a big old coward!

Well, there you go!
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cool! What a managerie!
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How pretty! I especially LOVE Magma's markings. I wish I could keep herps again.
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what cuties!
I heard that kenyans were gentle, and was going to get one...but then the bf ended up with Delilah, his ball python and she's stolen my heart

the boyfriend would give anything for a tegu! Lucky!
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Kenyans are SO gentle! I would recommend highly. I'm sure your ball is sweet, though I love the look of them, someday I'll get one.

As for the Tegu, they're not that expensive, but they're an exotic animal so they of course have special needs, and need to have special knowledge. The Columbians, as babies, are actually pretty easy to come by nowadays. I've seen babies as low as 25 dollars, of course with shipping it ends up in the 70 range. The thing is though, if you don't give it enough attention, they can become a little aggressive. Mine is a rescue lizard... they're not as cute or "fun" when they get bigger, and so no one wants them. But, if your bf is up to it, I recommend them! They're beautiful and unique creatures
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I love the coloring of the Albino gopher snake

But you actually own a POISONEOUS snake????? Are you not afraid of getting bitten? I not afraid of any snake, but I would never own a poisoneous one.
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My dad works at the vet school in toxicology. He has extracted the venom glands of the rattlesnake to study, and so that snake is no longer poisonus. Even so, I wouldn't be scared with my dad around. He's been doing this for about 30+ years of his life, and would never put us in danger.
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Sweet!!! I've heard that Tegus are AWESOME pets, and that they are a bit like cats!

I just found out I'm getting another Ball Python!
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Yay! Congrats for you! Balls are so pretty
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Very nice!

I'm back living with my parents post-college and have been told NO MORE PETS! But if I was allowed more they only herp I'd be allowed is a beardie cuz my mom freaks over creepy slimy things (as she categorizes them)... but an ex and I had a beardie and I beardie sat over one of our school breaks and she loved him!

That same ex and I had a ball before the beardie and her name was Pandora and she was gorgeous and so much fun... unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, she had mouth rot coming from the store and vet treatments and daily injections couldn't save her... we got a letter from the vet stating that in the short time we had her, it was only possible that the store sold her to us already sick.... they gave us store credit, which is how we ended up with the beardie haha
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awww Poor Pandora. I just hate that! I get emotional, though. When my cornsnake died because he wouldn't eat, I cried my head off.

Pet stores really are the worst places to get pets, though. I feel so sorry for the animals in there... most were the worst of the litter or whatever. That's why I love pet stores that sponser shelter animals to be seen, so they can be adopted. Instead of buying the runts from breeders, you know? Unfortunately, the unhealthy pets in pet stores extend to the herps, too. Lore talked about it in another thread, about how the snakes at PetSmart, I think it was, were in such bad shape. It's so unfortunate

But Beardies are pretty cute. For smaller lizards, I like the look of a Uromastyx.
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Yeah the pet store conditions are usually pretty bad... hence why I always want to take all the animals home (but then realize they'll only ship in new ones... it's the hardest for me to resist the hermit crabs because they're usually the worst off).

We had gotten Pandora from like a mom and pop store - up in State College there's that and a Petco and that's pretty much it... and we were sneaking the snake and the beardie in our dorm rooms, so we couldn't like have a breader ship a live animal to us haha

Iggy (the beardie) went with the ex when we parted and the ex and I didn't really stay friends so I lost touch with Iggy too
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Awww! Iggy, that's so cute. I went to a pet shop today to get crickets for my froggies. They had THREE ball pythons in about a 10 gallon tank, MAYBE 20. I felt horrible for them! But one of the balls was the ones where they have like, real bright gold... beautiful. But 100$? Be real. And they had a Red Tailed Boa that was in a 20 gallon, which was hardly big enough, and I felt SO bad for them. Not to mention all the dogs... it's so hard going in there. I want to save them, too, but it's a vicious never-ending cycle. Poor things.

There's this one cat in there who ALWAYS calls out to me. She is a long-haired gray cat, so pretty. Other people think she's mean. She's been in there since we moved here, maybe almost two months now, and no one wants her. I would take her in a heartbeat, even pay 150 for her just to save her, but my parents would kill me. She knows me, though. Today I walked by and she meowed constantly. I felt so bad...

I just did rounds on all my animals, cleaning the cages, watering, etc. 30 minutes it took me! I thought it'd take longer, haha. I'm getting the swing of things. I feel accomplished
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^Is there anything you could report them for that would likely not be ignored? One example is selling turtles under 4" - that's a federal law. Dirty cages, dead animals, no food or water should be enough to get a store in trouble, too.
Report them. And in the meantime, do not give them your business. If you have to, order your crickets online. If their animals are poorly cared for it's likely that their feeders are too - which isn't safe for your reptiles.
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