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update on Kahlua and Google:

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Google is doing wonderful he is crazy as ever!

But Kahlua isnt doing so hot.. she's just really lethargic and sad She HATES her cone! But she has been dubbed "Lamp" now

When should she start acting normal again? She came home yesterday her surgery was Monday afternoon. Her incision mark is still really puffy but doesnt appear to be pussy or anything. I've been trying to keep a very close eye on her!
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hmm... mine were all up & running around the day after. they didn't wear cones, tho - that may be part of the problem.
maybe call the vet in the morning & ask?
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My guy didn't start acting normal until his cone was off. He was so miserable with on. I was miserable with it on him, because I knew how much he hated it. As soon as it was off, he was his old self again.
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I'd give the vet a call to describe how she's acting - probably just a normal recovery (and is it hot in your house - that can throw them off as well), but doesn't hurt to make a call.
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It doesn't hurt to make the call just for peace of mind if nothing else. Everything like with people can throw them off. They feel the heat just as bad.

Good luck.
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I hate those cones. Poor kitties. We didn't put cones on Bijou or Mika - we just kept an eye that they didn't OVER-lick. They were fine.

Just recently Bijou had an abscess drained on his back and a tube sewn in to help drainage and healing. The vet gave us a cone. I cut it back a bit and he still hated it. I couldn't take it so I took off the cone, sat with Bijou and told him if he didn't bite the tube and was a good boy I'd leave the cone off. He was an . I don't think that licking themselves is going to hurt them unless they are obsessive about it and over-lick. At least that's what our former vet told us and it worked for our 2.

I'm sure that if you take off her cone she will immediately lick her incision because it's probably been itching and bothering her. I wouldn't worry about that unless she kept licking and licking and licking.
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I know she hates the cone, I just worry where they used the glue instead of stitches that it will open up the incision.

But the reason she has it on she is an obsessive compulsive licker. If you touch her she will immediately start cleaning that spot. She HATES being dirty and I know the cone is making her crazy. but I just worry about her!

I havent made it home to check on her yet but I will see how she is doing. Shes starting to act a little more normal.

It was hot in my room because I was keeping her closed in there the first 2 days but now she is being good and I've been leaving the door open.
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