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I was wondering if anyone else has this kind of problem with their furbabies. My cat, who I raised from a newborn, has this obsession with chewing on things. He obsessively chews on any and all straws (only my straws) on any drinking cup I bring in from the outside. I set the cup down, turn my back, and in less than 15 seconds, he's chewed the straw in half. It's the same with the drawstrings on my clothes.

I have nine cats, all rescues and extremely quirky, but Mr. Little is the only one with this behavior.

Laurie G.
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He is probably just teething and since you have been playing mommy, he chooses to go after your stuff. It may be comforting to him to have your smell around, just be careful of what he's chewing on so he doesn't choke.
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It doesn't sound like OCD to me. Just one of those cats that like to chew.

I'd try to find him some chewy toys (maybe a small stuffed animal with catnip) that he can chew on instead. There are also some dental chew sticks made for cats, that are a bit hard to find; of course, it will depend on whether the cat likes them.
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Thanks for the advice. I had no idea there were chewy sticks for kitties. I don't think it's teething. He's two years old. He's also not very little anymore. I named him that because he could fit in the palm of my hand for a long time. Now he's huge! It's like naming a fat guy Tiny.
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You could also try looking for a smaller-sized dog chew toy.
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