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Have a new house guest!

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The shelter asked us to foster Ella. Her nose doesn't seem to heal up, so they thought some lower stress time might help. I took her past the vet for a quick check up, then brought her home.

She's in the extra bathroom. But she knows we have other cats, and the guys know something is up!

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Ella is beautiful! Bless you for fostering her!
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What a sweetie, I am glad you took her home a little. TLC does wonders
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I'm a little worried about her getting along with Sterling. He's definitely dominant. Punkin couldn't care less. I'm hoping she and Sterling discover that they can keep each other warm.
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Aww I'm glad she's at home with you... Here's some "Find a good furever home" vibes for the lovely little kitty
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She looks like such a sweetie! Dare I think that you now have a permanent 3rd addition to your home?
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What a cutie!
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aww bless her, she looks lovely.
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whats up with her nose?
is it like scabby and bizarre?
we used vasaline dayley and all seems too be clearing up

P.S she is stunning
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First of all, Ella is a Katrina kitty, so her history is a little unclear. I'm not even sure if the family that surrendered her was a family that adopted an unclaimed cat from Katrina, or if they were her original family that moved here (that's possible), or what.

If she was trapped, her nose might just be trap damage. But it obviously itches (I've seen her scratch at it, in the shelter), so I don't think that's the case.

She had a steroid shot a couple of weeks ago to help the itching, and a 7-day run of clavamox. It looks like it might be a little better, but not a lot. I had my vet check her yesterday, and it doesn't appear to be ringworm, although I'm treating her for that anyway.
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How is it going for this sweet baby girl? Has she managed to settle in with your kitties? How is her nose now, any better?

Poor sweetie girl, who knows what her life was and what she has been through sending many prayers and vibes her way that she find her peaceful and loving home soon
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