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My Quiet Little Pan-kitty

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As I've mentioned before on TCS, when Lilith's kittens were born, we named them before we knew which were boys or girls, and ended up with a boy called Polly and a girl called Max.

Pan was named for the very prominent tabby "M" on her forehead, which looked like little horns when she was tiny. Pan, the horned Greek god of nature, shows up in "The Wind in the Willows" as the wild, protective spirit of nature. She answers to Pan, Panda, Pandora, Pan-Pan-Pan and Pandemonium.

Little baby kitten Pan:
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Pan as a young kitten, curled up with her brothers Jules and Blondie and her sister Max. I love her face in this picture!
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And here she is all grown up!
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what a pretty kitty!!!
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She's such a beautiful cat!!!! I love the one of her with her mouth wide open! LOL!
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She's beautiful. I love the baby kitten pic, but I just can't resist those tiny little kitten ears. That one with her mouth open would be purrfect for Caption This!

I love it when you share the progression of your kitties' lives like this, little baby, still a kitten and all grown up.
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She is beautiful! I Brown Tabbies!
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Those pics are great. I love Pan's baby picture, she looks like she needs a nap. She's a beautiful tabby - - thanks for sharing the pics.

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Thanks, everyone! She is a pretty girl, and so quiet and sweet. Pan is the "Designated Groomer" of the household and grooms all the other cats. Even Sunshine and Coal, who still get bent out of shape at the other cats now and again, accept her affection without complaining. And she is her mom's little girl, she will follow Lilith from room to room.

I think I have heard Pan's voice a total of four times in her adult life. Even as a kitten, she was quiet. I tease her and ask if Max took her voice (Max has the most to say of the kittens). She is just a quiet, gentle, loving little cat.
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She sure has grown into a beautiful cat, Sue, she does look very much the lady. Is she?
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Yes, she is a little lady. She doesn't scuffle with her brothers like her sister Silver (photos of Silver coming next). The only time she really lets her fur down is when the feather toy comes out (long stick with feathers and a jingle bell, from Petsmart). She suddenly becomes a little wild cat, leaping and spinning in mid-air, and growling if anyone tries to take "her" toy aka her kill away from her. Once in a while she will manage to pull it from my grasp, and then runs downstairs into the basement, where she hides under the stairs "talking" to it and growling at any who would try to take her "prey" from her! It is very funny, especially given how laid-back and mild-mannered she is 99% of the time.
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She looks just like my Rocky!! Absolutely georgous!!
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She is very beautful!
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What a sweetie! Pan's adorable!
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How pretty she is! I love baby pictures.
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