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Happiness is...

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a 15 pound cat nuzzled on your chest, purring into your ear, headbutting your nose. Especially when you're having conflicting thoughts about what you should do in the other parts of your life... she makes those thoughts seem so distant...

What is your 'Happiness is...' ?

(this thought came to me while sitting there... and remembered the Snoopy book: Happiness is a warm fuzzy puppy)

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Didn't the Beatles have a song, "Happiness Is a Warm Gun?"

I would think happiness is a purring kitten, myself.
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Happiness is hearing your alarm clock crash to the floor in the middle of the night and then realizing that your cat was just bored and wanting to play with something.

Happiness is finding a sleeping cat nuzzled against your stomach when you wake up from a bad dream. Its even better when he licks your hand after you try to pet him a little bit.

Happiness is waking up after getting swatted in the face by a paw and then seeing a cat looking at you with a "You were snoring" look on his face.

Tom doesn't sleep with me that often so its really nice when I wake up to see him sleeping with me. He slept with me every night for the first 6-7 months but ever since its gotten warm out he likes to sleep under the bed. Every once in a while he will sneak up into bed with me and I will wake up to find him sleeping against my stomach or back.
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Happiness is waking up to a warm furry presence in your room I'm easy to please
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I agree with you about waking up with a 15-pound kitty on your tummy (Murray is 15 pounds, too, and likes to lie on my stomach when I sleep on my back).

Happiness is also coming home after a long day at work and being greeted at the door, as happens every night, by a meowing kitty who tells you all about his day and who admonishes you for leaving him alone all day, but is so glad to see you.

Happiness is also lying in bed or sitting on the couch and having a kitty curl up next to you to cuddle, purring away...
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Happiness is spending the night with your newly adopted kit who must weigh 15 lbs running all over you on the bed and when your just about to get mad she meows and head butts you.
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