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Yuki's New Photoshoot!

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There are quite a few funny pictures too.
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She is precious, what a sweet little face, I LOVE the outdoor pics, Her markings are beautiful
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Oh isn't she the cutest? I want to see what happens when the sprinkler comes on!
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Yuki has beautiful markings! She is a very striking cat. You take great photos of her, too!

Thank you so much for sharing! If I were you, I would be tempted to show her in cat shows because her markings are so cool.
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She is very beautiful! Love her marbled markings
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Thank you for the compliments ^^
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Wow, such gorgeous markings!!!
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I love her markings! Those photos are fantastic!
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She's a beauty!
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What awesome swirls on her cool.

I loved the ones of you messing with her as she was sleeping....heehhee, I do that too, it's amazing what they let you get away with! I love messing with their paws when their cute! wittle kitty paws!
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What a stunning little girl

Those pics are fantastic!!!
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What a beautiful kitty. I love the ones of her with the flowers. She looks like she is dancing.
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