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Third Eye - Cant Find Problem

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My outside cat came up to me the other day with both of her eyes rolled back in her head. She has been find the prior day, her usual, energetic self. I took her immediately to the vet. She was diagnosed with having hookworms and having a yeast infection in her ear. Given a CBC and checked for feline Leukemia and HIV, all of which came out negative, kidneys, liver, everything fine. Vet gave her a shot and sent me home with ear drops and Metronidazole for the hookworm. She stayed under the bed for a week! She wasnt eating nor drinking for several days and not using litter box. I even tried giving her tuna which she always loved as a treat...nothing. And she kept throwing up when I gave her the medicine (just yellow bile as she hadnt anything on her stomach).

She still wasnt eating or drinking after several doses and her left third eyelid was still showing. I took her back to the vet and she was just slightly dehydrated and so he gave her an IV. Went back home, still not eating. Called vet back and he said try Friskies Special Diet Whitefish. Well finally she did start to eat when I presented that to her. Took her back AGAIN because her eyelid was still covering 1/3 of her left eye and he gave me a shot of pencillian and some antiobiotic. He said it could be a virus but wasnt certain. Today her eye still looks the same and sometimes her left eye is almost completely covered.

Has anyone ever gone through this? We have spent over $200 at the vet and its a long drive, so I thought I would try to get some feed back and see if anyone has every experienced this. She seems perfectly healthy and full of life now except for that eye.
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I'm going through the same thing with Winchester, and now Spencer also. I took Winchester into the vet last week (Spencer's eye problem didn't occur till after that), and the vet ran tests too, which all came back negative. He put Winchester on some antibiotics, and his eyes have gotten a little better.

I have some website links that may help. Give me a minute to post them..

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And another:


I hope they help, and I hope your furbie will be okay!
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Has he rechecked her to make sure the hookworms are gone?
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