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My roaming tomcat...

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Myst, my 11 month old unneutered tabby cat, took off on April 1st and has not returned home yet. I am worried sick about him being hit by a car, getting lost, injured, or even being eaten by a coyote. Is this normal behavior for a cat?! Please help, as I don't know what to do. I was led to believe that male tomcats would just roam for a day or two and return home, but not so with Myst! He was spotted on April 3rd walking next to a nearby school building at about 2:30 in the afternoon and that's the last we've heard or seen of him. I've driven the neighborhood, searching for him, looking for injured or dead cats in the streets, called the police, animal shelters, schools and no word or sighting of him. I always call him by yelling his name day at night, but no response. Before he left on his adventure, I noticed him spraying on a bush next to our porch. He is a very lovable and affectionate indoor/outdoor cat who always came in the house to sleep during the daytime and at night. Is this normal behavior and what should I do? Please help!
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He is on a quest for a fertile female and sadly he will probably find many of them to mate with as this is Kitten Season.

If you have pictures of him, make up flyers, put them eye level at grocery stores, show the fliers to the mailmen and delivery people and kids who run up and down the street. Put his litter box outside, hang a smelly shirt of yours outside too to help bring him home. Go looking for him at around 2:00 a.m. as the world is quiet then and he might answer you. But chances are he is on the prowl and the females are a distraction and the urge to mate with them is something he cannot repress.

If he does come home, please get him neutered right away. That will stop his wanderlust and make life easier for both of you.
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I would also put up fliers at the vets offices. Male cats will fight visiously often causing alot of damage to each other. It's best to get him fixed ASAP to keep him out of danger. I would make him an indoor only kitty if there is a threat of coyotes.
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Thank you Hissy and DragonLady for your advice. Does anybody know how far a young tomcat will roam? He was spotted at a school the next street from ours, exactly as a crow would fly there, but we got one wallop of a thunderstorm with hurricane like winds, pelting rain, and sonic boom crashes of thunder Friday night and the weather has been horribly cold and rainy since then. I'm just wondering if he's scared, hiding somewhere, or lost. It's just so bizarre. Here I have a pet and then he just disappears one day! If you could at least try to answer how far he would venture to find a fertile female or for how long, I might feel a bit at ease. My only consolation in all of this is that he is somewhat street-smart and has been used to the outdoors. Then again, I can't imagine how comfortable he's feeling now, prowling or resting in 30 degree temperatures as opposed to napping inside on a soft blanket, sofa, or chair. Again, thanks!
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He's following the scent of females and he will roam as far as he has to in order to satisfy this natural urge. There is no way of telling how far away he is from you right now. He is not thinking of soft pillows and good food, his mind is on one thing. I hope he comes back to you.
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