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Okay...I really appreciate all the advice and input, but I have to do what I think is best. My husband and I have agreed to get Max fixed first, and the appointment is set for Aug. 19th. I will get the girls done as soon as I can afford to, which should be the first week of September, so only a couple weeks later. We are on a tight budget, so I cannot do them all at once. I may talk to the vet's office and see if they do payment plans or something, but I generally prefer to pay up front. I understand that it is possible for young kittens to impregnate each other, so I will do what I can to prevent that. None of my kittens have reached sexual maturity yet, though, so I am hoping that the timing will work out in our favor. I really do appreciate everyone's comments, but please don't criticize me for the decision I have made. I don't want more kittens, believe me, so I am doing the best I can, okay?
Hey at least you are getting them fixed, a lot of people don't unfortunately. Your doing the best that you can