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We should get the keys to our House this week'!!!!

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We went the lender and signed so many things yesterday and today we wire the money. This is our first House. We have so much to do now.
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Congratulations! Buying your first home is an incredible experience---scary and liberating at the same time. I wish you many, many years of happiness there.
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OHHH cool - can't wait for pictures. Hope there are no more snags and you can start packing up. How far is the move from where you are?

I remember signing those papers - seems you are signing your life away!
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Oh how exciting!!
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We just bought our first home less than a year ago. I was seriously amazed at how quickly it felt like home- 'cause it's OURS. None of the other places we lived EVER felt like home to me.

Yes, yes, we all love pictures! But wow, if you're just getting your keys, you sure you'll be at the get together, not at your new home admiring it and / or unpacking??
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Thanks Everyone,
GoldenKitty45, The Move is 6 miles from here. Thee was a huge stack of papers we signed yesterday. We wired the money today so we should get the keys tomorrow or friday. We have been packing and have until Aug 15th to be out of here.
We will be at the get together. It will be so nice to be in a House with no Pet Rules.
To Everyone Else,
I do not have a Camera but will try to get Pics with my Cell or Web Cam.
I also will ask my Sister to bring her Camera.
Does anyone now where you can get film for a Polaroid?
Thats the only Cam I have.
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Yay! That is so great! I am very happy for you. I hope you love your new house!
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Jacky - I am so happy for you! I know how much you looked for the right house.

I'm sure that you will have a lot of pictures for the get together.

The Office Depot has Polaroid film.

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What really helped us is having access to the house before we got out of the place we were renting. We had 2 house payments (rent/mortage) for 2 months but it gave us the opportunity to move 1-2 truckloads at a time; put those boxes, etc. in the rooms they went in and partially unpacked.

NO stress of moving everything at once and having to unpack it all. Worked out great! So if you can start moving a little at a time, you'll be stress-free

Another tip is to label the boxes to what room they go in - kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. Makes it better as you can stack the boxes in each room and easier to unpack later.
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We will have 3 weeks to move out of here. We paid for a exrea 2 weeks.
Rosemarry I will look at Office depot for film.
We got two fans today and the paint for the kitchen.
We also got the lock for the front and back door.
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