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This is my baby. She was born 5/16/08. Her name is Norwegian [is that norway-jin, or Norway-yin]

anyway, I am really happy with my princess. Enjoy the photos.

Do you think she'd be okay with just one round of shots, incl rabies when she gets fixed? I plan on doing it when she is 5 months. Or should I start now, even though she is an inside cat. I am really confused. I will report in health/nutrition if this isn't proper. This is my first post, so I wasn't sure. Thanks.
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She is gorgeous
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Hello and Welcome to TCS!

She looks absolutely beautiful
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You should get two more females and call them "Fiordiligi" and "Despina".
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You made me google 'dorabella' I have never heard of cosi fan tutte. I picked dorabella from an internet list of norwegian names for pets.
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I've moved it to the Health and Nutrition forum.

Discuss this with your vet on what he recommends for your darling.
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She is a very pretty ball of fluff
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She is beautiful....and she looks so much like my Samson...born Mar 5, 2008..and is already 6.48 pounds....yikes!!

She needs all her kitty shots...the ones they get at 8 wks, 12 wks and 16 wks...those are very important..even for indoor cats. The rabies maybe required by law in your area, but don't get it for her until after she is 6 months old. It is a shocker to her immune system and she will be more able to handle after that age.

According to others.....she can be spayed anytime after 3 months or so. But try not to have her get her shots and get spayed at the same time..again, the shots 'insult' the immune system and she needs a few days to recover from them. She'll also need time to recover from to spread out the events by a month or so.

She is a darling.....and has a wonderful name!
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Welcome to TCS. She's a beautiful girl. Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies and the info regarding shots and spaying.

I am too paranoid, I hear stories about problems with immunizations, but I know the good outweighs the one in a million chance of error. I love her so much and want the best for her. Thanks again. I love being surrounded by cat lovers.
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Originally Posted by dorabella's mom View Post
You made me google 'dorabella' I have never heard of cosi fan tutte. I picked dorabella from an internet list of norwegian names for pets.
Cosi is a favorite for collegiate and other amateur opera companies. It requires just three men, three women, and a VERY small chorus (it will work as a quartette) which only appears once. Each of the characters has one big solo which is not that difficult, and there are a bunch of nice duets and trios. The plot is fairly simple, and does not require an elaborate set or special costumes. And, unlike some operas, the script doesn't sound ridiculous when translated into English, so if the cast isn't up to doing it in Italian you don't have to.

Anyone who knows anything about opera or classical music or Mozart will think of Cosi when they hear that name.
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