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Selling my engagement rings

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Sherral46 sparked my interest with her recent post about jewelry. I've been thinking about selling my engagement and wedding rings. For the record, I was never married since I called off the wedding 5 months shy of walking down the aisle. Since I was the co-signer for my own ring, I ended up stuck with the bill for it. I've got them now in my safety deposit box for safe keeping, but then I wonder why I am even keeping them. Hell will have to freeze over before I'd ever wear them again even though I'm totally in love with them.

My question to you all is, how do I go about selling them? I've thought about E-Bay, but I'm scared about online auctions. I've paid so much for these rings so I definitely don't want to get less than the value of it. Has anyone ever sold their jewelry? I've thought about Pawn shops, but I won't get diddly out of it there. I don't have a picture of it, but do plan on taking some pictures some time soon. My best friend Amy has wanted those rings since I've called off the wedding (4 years in Dec 2003), but her boyfriend is ready to get married or to buy rings yet.

So...Any suggestions? Thank you!
p.s...I've also got a $1000 dress for sale too! I've put up ad's in town for it, but no one even called.
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Is there anyway you can take it back to the place where you got it from and get your money back?..I would try there first and see....I have never sold jewlery so I really don't have many suggestions to offr..hope someone else can help you out better than me
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This might sound kinda cheezy, but maybe you should keep them for heirlooms. I mean, if you don't think you'll get what they're worth. They won't hold any meaning for future kids other than they're from you. It's just an idea, though.
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No unfortunately. There was something in the agreement where that wasn't allowed. I only wore the engagement ring for 9 months and never wore the wedding they are in perfect shape.
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I found an identical ring on the internet. This is what my ring looks like:
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Ebay really IS good and there are so many options for you. For instance, you can start the auction at whatever price you want to start it at. Secondly, you can set a reserve price. That is where if the bidding doesn't reach a certain amount by the end of the auction, you don't have to let the items go. You can cancel anyone's bid for whatever reason. You can accept payments in whatever form you want to! Really, you should see what people buy on there. It is awesome! I would bet this would be the best place to go to get as much money as you can for them!

If you need any help or have questions, email me....I can help you!
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you would do better to hang on to them. You won't get near the value they are worth if you take them to a pawn shop or sell them through E-Bay. Unless the jeweler who made it originally wants to buy it back, but you will take a loss there too. One of these days, you might want to give them to your daughter. I would hang on to them if it were me.
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They just bring my bad memories and don't have any good emotional reasons to keep them. My S/O and I discussed about keeping them until (or if) we get married...then we could cash them in to upgrade to a better ring. My Mom said I could taken them to a jeweler and have them made into a different ring or into a matching set of earrings & necklace.

I just wanted to get someone elses opinion...
Thank you!
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Ok so am I the only nosey one who wants to know what happened?? I know, I'm too curious about things! I have no suggestions for the rings as I know nothing about wedding rings yet, but I am curious about the whole situation. . . just tell me to shut up and go away Shell!!

Good luck with the rings though - whatever you decide to do with them. Would be nice if you could get the money or use it somehow towards a new ring with your current SO!
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I would imagine I would want to get rid of my engagement ring, after a bad relationship, and best of all to get some money for it.
The picture you attatched, is that the ring you were proposed with? Do the s/o choose the rings and have them ready by proposal or itn´t there always a ring ready then? Do you then have a band that goes with that particular engagement ring, or is the band neutral?
We have neutral engagement/marriage rings (same ring), and there are not always rings involved at proposal. Sometimes there isn´t even a proposal, just mutual agreement of engagement.
So we usually don´t have those diamond engagement rings, allthough I got an diamond ring for Christmas as some pre...thing, and I know proposal is in the air...
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I would try ebay! Do it is a featured auction so it will get seen, i think it would sell for alot.
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Here's my $.02...

I once bought an engagement ring for someone I was sure I was going to marry. Actually had a deposit on a hall, a date, etc. It fell through. I received the ring back, with a LOT of bad feelings and memories attached.

The general consensus that you'll not get a positive return on your investment is a true one.

I held onto the ring, just in case, and when Mrs. came into my life and we decided to marry, I had the stone removed from the old ring (its the most valuable part) and re-set in something new just for her. She didn't get a "hand me down" ring. It still cost me additional money over the price of the original ring, but I didn't have to buy a whole new ring set.

Hang onto them...they may bring you joy yet.
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I don't really know what you can do with the ring, but I'm a strong believer in happy endings, and I loved billchamb's story...

And I think you did good not getting married when you weren't sure. (I'm also curious to hear your story! but only if it doesn't hurt too much to tell it )
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Shell,here is what I would do,have them made into a totaly different ring 0r rings,you will never get out of them what you paid for them.My son was divorced and tried to sell them and could't get jack s**t for them,so he had a ring made for me with the stones,and they looke nothing like they did before,my mother had 2 rings from my dad,and had one ring made out of the two,and she got a ring nobody ever will have,it is one of a kind.You could do that.And you would't have to wear it as a wedding ring,you could wear it on your right hand.With the amount of stones you have you could even have earings made. Let us know what you do.
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Just wondering.
Do you always wear wedding rings on your left hand? Do you move it when you get married, or is it on the same hand from the start?
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Traditionally, the rings go on the third finger of the left hand. The wedding ring goes on the bottom, closest to the heart. Folklore has it, that a nerve or vein, runs directly from that finger to the heart.

Some cultures put it on the index finger and some put it on the right hand.
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mine are on my left hand.And mine are white gold.
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Ok heres the scoop:
I was 18 when I met "J" and we dated for 5 years. During that time all of our friends got engaged and married, and therefore we felt like it was our time to do it too. We were in love, but it changed when we decided to live together first. I know some people don't agree with that, but I am so glad that I did. I found out that I could not stand this guy. He belittled my every move...I could not do a thing right for him. I was constantly told I was fat and that I needed to quit eating so much. I couldn't cook, I couldn't clean, I couldn't dress myself right, he didn't think I "raised" my cats right (he was actually quite mean to them...I knew if he was that way to my kitties, he'd be the same way with our future children)...and the list goes on and on. This guy has been in college since 1992 and has attended 6 different colleges. But yet, he is only going to school to become a PE teacher! Somehow it's taken 11 years to get a 4 year degree??? At the time he owed almost 20,000 bucks in student loans, plus he was up to his butt in credit card debt...but yet drove a brand new truck. I figured that I'd be busting my butt for the rest of my life for his stupid mistakes. I thought I could change him and I did anything he wanted me to do...even though I was constantly told it was not done good enough.

One day, I finally had enough and told him I couldn't take it anymore. It was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The wedding was completely planned down to the T and I lost a lot of money by backing out. Am I mad that I lost the money? Heck no...I'd settle for losing it all instead of marrying him. My friends were his friends and all but 3 of my friends deserted me. They still don't have very much to do with me, but it's just fine with me. They all called me every name in the book and I was a disgrace to them. Slowly I've been seeing these ex-friends of mine and they all speak to me, but it's not the same like before. I could never trust them again. They hurt me when I needed them the most and they will have to live with that.

I still occasionally talk with "J", but I dislike him tremendiously. We agree to disagree on lots of things, but we get along when we hang out with my friends from college (the only ones who get along with both of us).

So, keeping these rings bring back too many bad memories. Ones that I never want to go through in my life again. Last year he even had the guts to ask me if I were going to sell the rings and if so, he wants half! He made 2 payments of $50 and the rest of the money came from my wallet. Plus, since he's got such crappy credit I had to co-sign for the loan. If he would have not paid the bill, I would have had to I kept the rings and made the payments myself. I believe that our loan was for $1600 plus a downpayment of $200. They were definitely not cheap rings and want to get a fairly good value out of them.
Oh...someone asked about the wedding band. The engagement ring has the big diamond with the 10 little ones down the side and the wedding band is a wrap that fits around the middle diamond (it has the 6 little diamonds on it). Does that make sense?
Hope this explains my situation...I don't mind sharing tidbits with all of you! Hopefully what I went through can help someone else from going through the same thing!
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Ok Now I understand Sell!!
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BTW...Bill, that is a great story! I hope that it will turn out that great for me!
OH...I was looking at the Picture thread and I just about fell outta my seat! Bill you look JUST like my boyfriend...whose name is ironicly BILL! Strange, huh?
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Shell, haven't you figured out that we ALL have a "Bill"?

As for your dilemma: put the rings up on E-Bay. What have you got to lose? You won't get what you paid for them but, you'll be able to cut your losses.

As for the dress - is there a good consignment shop, in your town? We have some upscale ones, here that sell high-end designer clothes (some never worn). Otherwise, put it on E-Bay, too.
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I might try the EBay thing! As for the dress, we don't have a consignment store here in my town. I might make some ad's up again and post them around town. It is wedding season once again...maybe someone will inquire about it. I also found a picture on the Net that looks quite similar to mine...It's so beautiful! But I'll never wear it...only tried it on twice!!
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Aww Shell, thanks for sharing with us! I'm sorry that you had to go through that bad experience, but it's definitely better to have happened that way than if you had married him and then realized after what a jerk he would be. I'm glad you're with a nice guy now who will treat you right!

The dress is beautiful! I would think you'd be able to sell it. For the ring, is there any way to put it on E-bay but put a minimum price you'd accept for it? Then if it didn't reach that you would be able to keep it and try something else.

Let us know how it goes!
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Crap! I've been busted leading a double life!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to commute between Nebraska and Pennsylvania?!?! Well, do you?! (hehehehahahahahehehe)

Shell, very brave of you to share such a tragic story, but at least you lived to tell it.

Anyway, I'll re-cast my vote that you have the stones removed, made into other jewelry and enjoy them, but hey!...I'm just a guy who doesn't have an emotional tie to any of it.

Happy to hear things are turning around for you Shell.
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Thanks Bill!
You totally cracked me up!! Too funny...
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Before I read the other responses my thought was to have the stone reset and wear the damn thing. You DID pay for it, and you say you like it. I keep meaning to have my engagement ring reset......just never get around to it. Or seel it. Why should you keep it hanging around when you will never use it for its original intent?
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Tonight I'm taking the time to figure out how the whole Ebay thing works...maybe I could get lucky? If that falls through, I might just keep them until I want to cashing them in to upgrade on a bigger & better ring. Could you imagine the rock I could get? Now..if I can only get my BF to do his part!LOL!

Thank you everyone...You've all be a great help!
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