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Hubby to the rescue!!!

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I got my new cast put on yesterday and the Dr didn't smooth the end down enough so it was rough and sticking up. When hubby and I got home, he got some sandpaper for me so I could smooth it out. It worked for a couple of hours until I snagged the edge. The edge of the fiberglass kept flaking off and I couldn't get it to smooth out properly. It seemed to lack adherence. I asked hubby for ideas so I wouldn't keep snagging it and having little pieces of fiberglass everywhere. He suggested bondo. I thought he was kidding...

So we went to the garage where he proceeded to mix up a bit of Bondo and then carefully apply it to the end of the fiberglass. We waited for it to cure (about 30min) and then went back to the garage. He started out with rough sandpaper, then medium, then really smooth sandpaper and then scotchbrite. That man is a perfectionist. He got it so smooth and nice that I could swear the thought he was doing bodywork on a car.

Anyhow, it worked and when I told Dad about it he was very impressed. Needless to say he earned major brownie points with me and my Dad!!!
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lol, how creative!!
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Very clever of your hubby..and thoughtful too. You must be proud!
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Most men would have told you to suck it up or go back to the clinic and have them fix it! Good for your hubby for caring so much about your comfort
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I am so proud to be his wife! He really is a creative person!
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Awww! Sounds like you got a good one!
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That is wonderful. Can he come fix my daughter cast . Hopefully she'll get it off next monday. I wrapped tape around her thumb because she keeps getting blisters.
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