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HELP! Cats not getting along

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Long story short- had work done on inside of my house. Had to put cats in room with door shut. Got female cat in and male cat got out - all the way out into the woods. Very scary but by the end of the day got him back. NOW, the female cat is hissing at him and growling, moaning at him, like she doesn't recognize him. I understand that he probably has a ton of different scents on him from the woods, but this happened Monday and it is now Wed and she still is acting like she hates him. I tried to rub his play pillow on him to get his scent back but I don't know what else to do. He is acting like his ole self and seems sad that she is being mean to him. He doesn't seem to understand why she is hissing at him.

They always got along before, played together, etc...they are brother and sister. Will she come around? Can I do anyhting to help her feel better about him?

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That happed to me too, my boy cat got out for a few hours. Luckily he stayed in my backyard, but he did have other scents on him. My girl cat, his sister, have been together for 10 years, she wouldn't look at him. It took time but eventually, I guess all the scents wore off and we were back to normal.

Good luck.
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Put a drop or two of vanilla extract at the base of each of their tails.

Or take a towel and rub it all over her. Then rub the towel all over him.

In both cases you are trying to get them to smell the same. With time and grooming their individual natural scents will return and the problem should then be solved.

Worst case scenario --- is it feasible to give him a bath?
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That is interesting. Both ideas are great. I will try the towel first.

Thanks again, you made me feel better.
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Thanks. That is what I am hoping for.

Thanks again for responding...I do feel better.
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My Sunny does this every time our Hobbes (her litter sibling and bestest buddy) has gone to the vet, and she did it when we moved (even though she was in a carrier, too, and neither went to the vet, just a ride in the car). It usually takes her about a week to get fully back-to-normal and accepting of Hobbes again. Poor guy...he never understands what's going on during those times...

BUT...that was without trying the vanilla trick, although we DID try the towel trick. I think Sunny's just very territorial.

Hugs to you and yours!

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