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We went swimming :)

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Not the cats though!!!

We decited to take the advanced baby swimming class, since Oliver Hersteinn, my son, was so enjoying the last one.
The first time was today (of ten) and it was so amaizing, he would "swim" around in an inflated hoop, I just held the hoop, not him, I would put him by the end of the poole, and let go and he would just hold on to the edge and stay there. He would sit on the edge and jump in himself. He is getting so good in "swimming" underwater and beeing submerged, and also standing tall in somoones hand above the water, even though he doesn´t yet stand on dry land!
This is just so amazing! He will not have the same problem as I did, I took my first swimming lesson when I was 6 (swimming lessons are thing you have to take in school, every year untill 15), and I had to be taken wiht force, crying, from my mum. I was so afraid of the water. Oliver just loves the water!
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isn't it fun when your kids love the water?! I have always loved it, and my kids took swimming lessons last summer and had a blast!
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Please post photos! We love to see children too!
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yes post pictures!!
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I used to LOVE swimming lessons as a kid!!
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I taught both of my sons to swim, before they could walk. My ex-MIL was afraid of water and freaked out! My boys loved to swim and they've never been afraid.
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Usually, the younger you are, the easier you learn... and little kids are fearless! I'm glad he's loving his swimming lessons.
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