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litter additives?

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has anyone seen the powders that you can add to the litter to improve the deodorizing properties?? i am wondering if they would be irritating to the cat.... any ideas?? angel
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As far as I know, deodorizers can trigger allergies in some cats. The best is to scoop very often and maybe get a hooded box.

By the way, I'm moving this thread to the care forum.
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I have used Arm & Hammer deodorizer additive. You sprinkle a little in the litter. But right after I starting using it my cat started sneezing. I wasn't sure what it was from but I thought it might be the deodorizer because it has a strong perfume smell. I stopped using it and he stopped sneezing, so I think that was it. I scoop his box (which is hooded) twice a day and I do not get any bad odors.
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I use OdorEze. It had no smell and keeps the litter odor free. My little cat likes her box to be really clean, so this helps with the odors. I scoop daily, and use this additive about once every 10 days. Neither cat developed any reaction. It is safe to use and all natural.
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i was going to skip it, but this one sounds good. if it has no smell, it shouldn't make them sneeze. i will try it. thanks for the info. by the way-where do you get it?? ange;
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Me too! I'd love to try it!!!!
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I get the OdorEze at PetClub, but you can probably find it at any large pet store. I used to use the Arm and Hammer one, but it didn't quite tackle it. When I got my second cat, and found out how picky she was, that was when I had to find something more potent. I now stock up on the boxes, and have a supply for both the upstairs and downstairs litter boxes. What I like about it is that you only have to sprinkle one package on top of the litter, and the cats mix it in naturally by digging.
Good Luck!!
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