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And then there were two!!

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I have a feral cat that lives in the shed behind our house. 4 months ago she had a litter of kittens, thats where I got my kitty, Marley.
Last week I had her spayed. I had been wondering why she was eating so much all of the sudden. Last night I went in to feed her and there was another cat in there with her. I believe it is the tom that got her pregnant before, I've seen this cat a few times, when the kittens were about 10 weeks old. I didn't think he stayed around all the time though. Now that I have been feeding him, he will probably stick around, right?? My problem is that I can barely afford to feed her, and won't be able to feed them both the propper amount they need. So my question is, will they be okay to hunt and find food for themselves?? Behind our house is a huge field full of rodents and nasty things cats love to eat. Also, what are the chances of other cats migrating to my shed to live?? I really wanted to take care of her and provide her with food and shelter, but having more than one feral in my back yard is not what I had in mind!!!
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My friend who has 5 ferals has one that is a supreme hunter. She feeds her dry and knows that she will supplement for herself. If this is what you are going to do you should be fine.
I got samples from pet stores. They get loads of samples and I got a big bag full that lasted about 3 weeks.
What are you feeding now?
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I feed a variety of dry foods, which I don't know if thats good for them or not. I had some Iams, Purina, and Special Kitty. I mixed them all together and feed them. I just got a free bag of Nutro that I'll be feeding them, also, I give them salmon sometimes.
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With outdoor cats you should be fine. The outdoor cats are usually more adaptable. They are happy to get a meal. You may be able to find some wet on sale occasionally.
Those cats are lucky to have you.
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You could bring her inside to be with Marley. That way you know she is eating and you are not feeding other cats. Sometimes other cats will come in where there is food. Also there may very likely be other animals like raccoons, skunks, etc. that eat the food. Unless you have both cats totally closed in the shed, you don't know who or what is taking the food. Not a healthy situation for either cat.

If you bring the mama inside Marley will help her adjust.

Good luck to you and those you are trying to help. They are lucky to have you.
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