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Daily Thread HUMP day July 23rd!

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Mornin folks!

Going to be thunderstorms again all day today Maybe we need the rain so I shouldn't complain..but dang!

Getting some blood taken today for some tests..then off to the gym after work. Nothing really exciting or anything.

I hope you all have a good day!
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Today will be a great summer day, sunny high of 78F, light breeze and no humidity!!

No newspaper this am.grrr.......

Picking raspberries this morning then off to clients to edge (with a shovel) a clients shrub bed and more weeding.

Having some garden produce for dinner tonite-romaine lettuce, green beans and I might check a potato plant or two!!

Cats all snoozing in the house.

Have a good one!!
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Its storming here right now. I am starting to get sick of these storms. We had a bad one last night and a bad one on Saturday when my house got struck by lightning.

I am off today and tomorrow. I got asked to work today 9-2:30 but I said no because I am sick of being there and I wanted to keep my days off. I have lots of housework to do though. I have worked so many days in a row and my day off last week it was just too hot to do anything.

I think I am going to go cuddle up with the kitties and try and get some more sleep.
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Morning All!!!

Looks like more thunderstorms here today as well.

Off to a slow start this morning, but heading off to work shortly. Have several meetings this afternoon and some paperwork to catch up on.

Nothing special planned for later just home and maybe some laundry.

The kitties are all birdwatching this morning, Pixie is being quite vocal about the whole thing she is certainly giving those chick-a-dees what for..

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!

Today hasn't been to nice to me so far Well, besides the fact that it's Katina's first birthday, and she LOVES the flicker ball I got her. She's been absolutely crazy since we woke up this morning. I'm going to take some pictures later of her and her ball and the party hat I got for her birthday She's going to hate her meowmy.

Then the crappy part of the day starts once I leave home! On the way to work I ended up behind a cement truck ... which proceeded to fling small pieces of wet cement at my car. The windshield was all spotty and I washed it down with bottled water when I got to work. Then walking through the parking lot I managed to step in what looks like horse poop. Why there would even be a horse here is beyond me. So by then I'm already feelin' like going home (even though we got up an hour late and I didn't get to work til 8:30!)

I haven't even been here an hour and a half yet, and I'm ready for this day to end! I'm also pretty tired because I was having some strange dreams (I guess stemming off of when this guy we know asked Rob if he could rent me In the dream I was telling the guy I wasn't interested in being rented for the purposes he wanted me for lol). I kept waking up and then falling asleep and the dream would continue. One of these nights I'll just dream straight through without waking up! I might be less tired then
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Afternoon All!

Today might be the first official day of the proper summer. It is boiling hot, thunderstorms are forcast for later on, and I hate it!

Went to see Wall E with the free tickets I won It was good!

Mitzi's fine today, her little paws are sweaty

Have a good day!
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Wow, I'm amazed that all of you guys are having so many thunderstorms! That's so different than what I'm used to. It must be amazing to see all them, but then get old so quickly.

As for us, it's cold again, but we actually had some sun peeking out of the clouds this morning! Maybe we'll get a touch of summer for a bit again today.

Today is not looking good so far. I don't know what it is, but the last week of my life has been just... Not good. It started about mid last week. Just work has been crazy. Today, of all things, I learned that BofA screwed up an automatic payment, so I missed a mortgage payment!! Then two separate owners for two separate properties are getting mad at us for not doing proper maintenance on their properites... But they don't want us to and won't approve it and our contracts say we CAN NOT do it! One will very likely cancel with us soon because of this. It's these types of little stupid things that have been going on all week. And then with the X-Pack leaving suddenly in the middle of it! And a while ago our dryer broke so I've been line drying. Well now our washer broke! It decided not to drain the water, so last night I came home to a PUDDLE of water in our washer and of course completely drenched clothes... Had to go to my mommy's to use her dryer. Yay for mommies!! The load was so soaked that I had to split it in three on medium high to get them dry... Took all night!

ANYWAY, this is the daily thread, not the daily vent. Sorry about that!

Evie is spoilt rottens! She got to spend last night at her grandma's house since mommy was there doing laundry. She LOVES grandma's house! It has this HUGE bay window that is all and only for little Evie-kins! So at my house, she sleeps with hubby and I. But at grandma's, she spends all night in the window! So she's a happy girl.
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