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My first post: Help me with this stray cat?

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I noticed this stray black cat wandering around my neighborhood a few days ago. I meowed at it, and when it came closer I noticed it's a black Burmese. It has a collar, but no name on it. And is extremely friendly. Very much rubbing against me, even letting me pick him up.

Based on this, I figured it was just a neighbors cat. I still wondered why a Burmese would be let outside. The next day there it was again. It was meowing alot, so I left it some wet cat food that my own cat doesn't like. It ate it up very very quickly.

Today it was raining heavily. I noticed he was sitting under my car. To me...at this point, I realized it was probably a lost cat. I fed it, and left for work. I have a domestic shorthair, and she's not impressed with this new cat hanging around. I thought letting him in might result in a fight, as she's already hiss and stalked him a little already.

I am going to take the stray to a vet, and get it scanned for a chip. As well I've asked a few people if they would take in a stray. Besides this...is there anything else I can do?

I am almost certain someone will take it, as it's a Burmese, or even better we can find the owner. But if someone doesn't....is it possible to just have an outdoor cat? I don't know of a no-kill shelter...and THS says they're full right now.

I may be able to take care of it now...but not in the winter....any ideas would be helpful.

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I am caring for two ferals without pedigrees, and am also starting to wonder about winter. I am planning to construct them a winter-proof shelter (there are some excellent sites with instructions) but right now, they are not even inclined to use the airy summer shelter I made them. They loll around on top of it, and next to it - but at night or in the rain, they'll go under the car. But mine were apparently born feral, while yours sounds like it was either lost or, sadly, abandoned.

Practically, I don't have much to suggest since you are doing all the right things, checking if the cat is chipped, etc. From experience I can tell you, it is possible to have an outside cat, but you need nerves of steel knowing that unfortunately you can't protect them as you do your indoor cats. But you might eventually be able to successfully introduce the new one to your indoor cat, anyway. If the stray remains unclaimed and you're inclined to keep it, I would definitely try that. It's a gradual process but might be worth investing the time, if it lets you take the cat in instead of having it live outside and always worrying about it.

The one suggestion I would add - do you know if there are any breed-specific rescues in your area? That might give your little stray a better chance of being adopted than other places.

It goes without saying - if you look after it for any length of time, make sure to get it neutered/spayed.
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It is possible to get cats to get along even if at first they seem hesitant. Just take a very long time to introduce and they will get used to having the other there. If you are not up to that then you can construct a winterized shelter with heat. However, you may get some unexpected visitors. If this cat was a feral then just being outside is the only option but if this cat was an indoor pet then it deserves some safety and calm of the indoors.
Trying the breed rescue organizations is a great idea. You may even post something in the Breeder's section to see if they know of any other options.
It is really hard to find a lost or homeless cat and not care.
Do you have any pictures?
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I think it's wonderful of you to want to do something for this cat!

I agree with the others about looking into breed specific rescue. Also, I would definitely take pictures of the kitty, print them out, and get them to the local rescue shelters and the local vets with your phone number on them. When someone has a kitty that escapes, this is where they first look.

As to keeping the kitty yourself? If you're at all interested in having two cats, I wouldn't worry about your baby being upset. Cats are territorial, and introducing any new cat into a home takes a little time, but can easily be done successfully. If it's something you want to consider with that new bit of information, we'll be happy to walk you through the steps.

I really would work on finding it's owners or a new home. This kitty deserves to be inside and loved.

...but if it comes down to it, there are ways to provide for it in Winter. We can walk you through that too - but I doubt it gets to that point.

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Thanks for the advice everyone.

I never thought about a breed specific help group, or a heated house for the cat. I tried getting her into a carrier today; but he ran away. I think he knows what a carrier is. Later tonight, I came outside, and she kept on following me around, I actually stepped on his paws once he was following so close.

So it's clear now that it's either a lost or abandoned cat. Is it possible to guess how long he's been alone?

He appears small, either young or malnourished. My kitten is 7 months, I consider my cat small, but this Burmese is even smaller. He's very friendly. Will walk up to you, but appears to run away if you walk up to him. And now at the sight of my cat will almost immediately back away. My cat is almost strictly indoors, but does have alot of access to screened windows so they've probably communicated before.

The stray has a collar, but no name. As well, I placed a note on his tag asking if he has an owner. The next day, he still had the note on his collar. Now he just sits under my car waiting for me. I feel so sad for this kitty. Today before I left for work, I fed his a packet of wet cat food. He ate it up. So I then gave him some treats....ate it up. Gave him some turkey...ate it. Then I gave him another packet of wet food....ate it up just as earnestly...all within a half hour period....

Sorry if I am ranting...I figured other cat lovers would understand. I am 26; and my friends are thinking I am starting to become that crazy cat guy, lol.
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No. You are a compassionate guy. Which is a great quality. I think he is either abandoned or lost. Burmese are lovely looking cats.
Keep us posted.
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This is a great thing you are doing. Keep feeding him at regular times. Can you pick him up and bring him inside. It may be easier to get him in a carrier if he is confined to a small room. You leave the carrier in the room with him for a time and hopefully he will either hide out in the carrier or you could pick him up and put him in backwards.

Have you thought about keeping him inside. Foster him, so to speak, until other arrangements can be made or an owner found. There is help on introducing cats. It's not difficult when done with some planning before. You may be surprised at your cat. She may love to have a companion. My daughter had a siamese mix that she was sure to be an only cat. She took in a stray and after much hissing and swatting, they now groom each other and sleep together. This did not happen overnight. They took their time in getting to know each other. It can be done. Find what you are comfortable doing and you can get the best advice to help. Keep trying for this little lost one.
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