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Some people just impress me

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So I ordered a charm for Mitzys collar off of ebay and it arrived yesterday. And boy was I impressed. As well as the charm I got a thank you card as well as a letter saying how the seller hoped that my "little friend" enjoyed their new accessory and how she'd love to see photos. But what really impressed me was that she also sent a flyer that she'd made about the danger of lillies with cats. Something I didn't know about and was very grateful to have recieved as lillies are one of my favourite flowers.

Isn't it nice to actually find a pet store that actually cares about animals? Appart from my mums pet shop this is the first time dealing with a pet shop where I've not been disgusted and it's such a pleasant change. I just had to share.
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Aw, how sweet! It really is the personal touches that make all the difference, and in these days, it's really so rare.

Glad you had a good experience!
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Indeed. I sent her an email thanking her. as well as leaving glowing feedback on ebay. It's a shame very few people make the effort. It's very appreciated.
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Oooh, share the seller! Bella would look cute with a charm
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She has her own website too but her site seems to be down atm
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Awww that was lovely of them. It's service like that that makes you go back to them again
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Some people on ebay are just wonderful. I got a lot of stuff from Ebay for my wedding 3 years ago, including my flowers (silk). After a lot of going back and forth on what I wanted via email, when I finally made up my mind and got them, there was a congratulations card in the box, plus an extra little coffee table centerpiece in the box as a wedding present. I actually cried, it was so sweet of her!
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I've had some very good experiences on eBay from people who've gone the extra mile.
Glad you ran into such a nice seller!
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Wow, that is great service! I am surprised as normally online you don't really get good service.
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JFA - thanks for sharing that story - I love to hear about nice people
Also - I've never seen kitty charms - ooooooooooooooh are they cute!!! My Cypress Whitepaws just may be seen wearing one of those soon.
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That is SO wonderful! I've had some very wonderful experiences on e-Bay too! We'd love to see a picture when you get one...

I remember several years ago, when Cleo was first diagnosed with CRF, I went to all of the flower shops in town around Easter time, with a little write up about the dangers of lilies and cats. Of all of the flower shops, only one was interested in displaying the information. I was horribly disappointed.

Stargazer lilies are my very favorite flower. Unfortunately, I don't even grow them anymore, because I'm too afraid of bringing in the pollen or debris from the flowers. It only takes a minuscule amount to cause renal failure, and I love my girls too much to risk it!
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Oooh you should all get charms from her, they're so cute and she's such a good seller (blatent plug for her) She emailed me back and told me how glad she was to hear that her flyer had been read and taken notice of. I'm going to go back to her everytime he looses a charm as I'm sure it will happen as he's an outdoor cat.

I'll get piccies of him with his charm soon. I'm still easing him into wearing his collar. He spent 8 years without one. But he should be fully comfortable with it in the next few days.
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I was feeling a little depressed today and went back to your post. It cheered me up when I first read it and it did now, too.
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Oh i'm glad ^_^
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