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pit tickets for Ringo

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my husband has wanted to see ringo starr for a while. i wasn't all that crazy about going til i found out billy squier is in the line-up. i love 'classic rock' and love going to concerts. i've seen the original led zeppelin in '77 and queen with freddy mercury but somehow missed billy squier. i've been checking ticketmaster a couple times a day and it was always loge section. i got lucky this afternoon and got 7th row pit tickets for august 2nf at the greek in los angeles.
i hope i get lucky again for august 3rd for scorpions & sammy hagar. i'm taking my girlfriend and she's bummed because she's going through a divorce and i'm trying to cheer her up. and we both love the scorpions, how can i not love the scorpions since i'm german too. woo-hooooooooooooooo yeahhhhhhhh
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I would LOVE to see the Scorpions! Good luck with that, and have fun at the Ringo Starr concert. I'm not a huge Beatles or Ringo fan, but with 7th row tickets it has to be exciting. Billy Squire would be cool to see. I used to have one of the records (yes, actual record....showing my age here) but the only songs I listened to were "Stroke" and "Everybody Wants Some" (LOVE that song!
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Social Distortion and Clutch are coming here. I have seen Clutch, they put on a great show, but have never seen Social Distortion. I never thought anyone I wanted to see would come to this crappy little town.
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i still have about 150 records. but my record player and the rest of the 'big stereo' is packed up in the garage. we got one of those little BOSE cd stereos, takes up less room and they sound great. i think there's 3 billy squier records in the collection but i got the cds too. but i heard that records are making a comeback
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My Best friend went to see Ringo and his all star band Monday night in Portland. She said Billy Squire is still HOT,HOT,HOT!!!!!!!! She also enjoyed Gary Wright a lot (Dream Weaver) She said the whole thing was great!
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