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My poor little Monster

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I feel so bad for Monster. She has seizures so we give her phenobarbital every night to try to keep them under control. Sometimes, when the weather changes she will go into one anyway (something with the barametric pressure). Well, we have a front coming through, and she started to go into one tonight. We caught it in time and gave her her medicine, and also gave her a 1/4 of 5mg of valium per vets recommendations.

My poor Monster is now stoned out of her mind. She can barely walk. She has the munchies so bad but she keep falling face first into her food dish. I keep putting her on the couch in her favorite place hoping she will be so tired she will go to sleep, but she "jumps" (falls, tumbles, stumbles) down and staggers right back over to her food dish. Luckily, she is so drugged up she probably can't hurt herself.

We've been dealing with this for 4 years (she found the one ant trap we couldn't find to throw away before we brought her and Harley, her brother, home and has been having seizures since she was 6 months old), so I'm not worried about her. It just breaks my heart. She really is a normal, loving cat...unless the weather changes suddenly. I'm not really sure why that affects her, but that is the only trigger that is constant. It breaks my heart, but it is still kind of amusing to watch her try to walk. DH says that's what I look like coming home from the bar at 2:00am on saturday night!
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Awwww, Bless her heart
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Aww, poor kitty.
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Poor kitty!! Good for you for taking care of her, though.
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bless you for caring so well for your kitty. it can't be easy to see her like that. thank goodness she is part of your family!
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Aww your poor little kitty. Reminds me of when Cassie came back from her spay still drugged out of her mind. She could still stumble around but kept falling over, ended up sleeping with her nose smack on the floor I can't imagine your pain seeing your Monster like that everytime the weather changes...

Would it affect her if you try to syringe some warm KMR milk to keep her full?
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Our dog Dylon used to have suizures and took phenanburton , anyway one day my mum was having a bible study and the person giving it had dylon laid on her lap , and he had a seizure out of no where and wet himself all over her! I had to leave the room with Dylon but i couldnt help but laugh at the situation , luckily he was fine just needed me to stroke him and tell him he was ok , the woman found it funny in the end lol, i hope your kitty gets better its horrible seeing a animal not themselves
Jess xx
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post

Would it affect her if you try to syringe some warm KMR milk to keep her full?
That's an idea, but I don't know if it will help or not. The vet said to let her eat as much as she wants after a seizure because they burn so many calories.

She's doing better today. She is now in her favorite place on the couch sleeping off the valium and I don't think a tornado would move her right now! Normally she doesn't like to be petted unless it's on her own terms (she will run) but I petted her earlier this morning and all I got was an ear flick and a snore. Which is good because we had thunderstorms all last night and are expecting more today. It's better if she's drugged up rather than flopping around on the floor.
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Poor little muffin! I'm glad she's got you as an owner taking good care of her.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Poor little muffin! I'm glad she's got you as an owner taking good care of her.
Thanks, we try. But she had another one tonight (not sure what triggered this one because the weather is nice) so she's back to being a stoned kitty. The only thing we can think of is the vet prescribed her 2 .5mg of pheno a day but that is too much for her, so we have only been giving her 1 a day and then double dosing her every 3 days and that normally keeps her stable. With 2 pills a day constantly she is basically a vegetable. No seizures, but also she is not a normal cat. The night she was supposed to be double dosed, she had her seizure and didn't didn't dose her because of the valium. So the pheno in her blood dropped...hence tonight.

Sometimes I really don't feel like a good owner, because she wouldn't be doing this is we had found that last ant trap before we brought home the kittens. So, ultimately, it is our fault she is the way she is.
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