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Frustrated With Vet (Long)

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My little Hannah has been sneezing since March and we've taken her to the vet several times with no real resolution of the problem, except to discover that she's Herpes positive (which we suspected since we got her). She's been on a daily dose of Lysine for the past 3 years.

At the beginning of March, took her in for sneezing w/ discharge. Got a round of Clindamycin pill treats for her. That helped, but at the beginning of April, she was at it again. Hauled her back to the vet, she got more Clindamycin and a Gentamicin injection. Also started her on Forti-Flora to help her immune system. Go back mid-May for the same symptoms and get MORE Clindamycin, this time enough for a 14-day treatment. (Previous treatments were only 7 days.)

Sometime in June, she starts sneezing blood. Called the vet and he says that sometimes kitties can get a cyst and because of the sneezing, it ruptures. He says to watch it and if it doesn't clear up in the next 24 hours to bring her in. It clears up, but a couple of weeks later she starts having these sneezing fits where she sneezes and sneezes and sneezes (big painful sounding sneezes) with LOTS of discharge. Snot everywhere! Sometimes it's clear, but it's now starting to get yellowish and there's still some faint traces of blood. Last Monday, we took her back to the vet for a recheck and consultation on where we go from here. The Clindamycin is obviously not cutting the mustard, but the vet's very reluctant to try another antibiotic, claiming that she's a chronic sneezer and because of the Herpes, it's going to be that way from here on out. She's NOT been a chronic sneezer except for the past 4 months and we've had her 3 years!!

Last Monday, he gave her 2 shots, Covenia injectable and Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (a steriod?). She was sooooooooo dopey for days!! I really didn't like that. He told us to check back with him in a week and that if she wasn't better, that he'd prescribe an antibiotic. She didn't sneeze for several days, but then on Thursday, she sounded very congested, the 'wet' sounding congestion, and she started coughing and sneezing again. So, we went back to the vet on Monday. He says he really doesn't know what else to try since we've tried everything and nothing's working. My Dh has been doing research and asked for a prescription for Zithromax, but we're going to wait for a few more days before filling it to see if things improve at all.

Hello!!! We've only tried 2 things! I know that's not everything in his arsenal. I'm just at my wit's end with him. He's an excellent vet and has many, many years of experience. He was the city's vet for 20 years, so he's seen lots of things. I understand that because of the herpes she's prone to sinus infections, URIs, and conjunctivitis. I also understand that it'll take longer for her body to heal due to the Herpes. But, come on! No more options?!?

I talked with my husband today about taking her to a feline-only vet for a second opinion. I don't really want to take her to another vet as the vet at the feline-only clinic makes me nervous. I used to take my other cat there and just wasn't happy with them for a variety of reasons. However, I would be willing to take Hannah to them for a second opinion. Other than the sneezing fits, Hannah's doing okay. She's eating and eliminating normally, but she's still not her normal perky self. I think that's a result of the shot she received last week. It will stay in her system for about 2 weeks.

Now the real kicker is that my older cat is now sneezing and sniffling. She also went to the vet last week, got meds, and is worse now than last week. I just don't know what to do with either of them, but especially my little Herpes girl, Hannah. Prior to this, she was sneeze-free for 2 years.

Frustrated Meowmy
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keep looking for the answers until you find them , dont accept a pat on the head... remember that its the practice of medicine not the perfect and those letters after your vets name do not spell god. They make errors ... your doing the right thing.
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First off, has the Vet done a culture of the coloured discharge? If this were my cat, I would not just throw antibiotics at a bacterial infection without knowing its drug sensitivities. I do understand using a basic antibiotic for what is thought to be a "simple" (routinely seen) infection, BUT - if that didn't work, I would insist on a culture before trying anything else.

(As a by-the-way, I did not find Zithromax on the Veterinary Drugs website - it is an erythromycin-related antibiotic seemingly only prescribed for humans. Erythromycin seems to be mostly used in cattle. I may be wrong...)

And, if I found myself wanting a second opinion - given your confidence (albeit also frustration) with this Veterinarian, I would find a Holistic Veterinarian for that opinion.
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There's been no culture done, which my DH & I discussed just a couple of days ago when we were talking about our frustrations and what we'd like to see. The vet just chalks it up to her "chronic sneezing". Of course, DH really doesn't want to spend the money on a culture, but I told him that if it would help us find a drug that would cure the infection, it would be a good investment.

The Zithromax (25 mg) is a human drug that you only give 1/2 tablet once or twice, depending on how the kitty responds, and you give it to them 2 or 3 days apart.

I've looked for a holistic vet before, but the last time I checked, there wasn't one near us. It has been a couple of years, so I need to check into that again.
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Do you have a vet school anywhere near you? That might be a place for a second opinion.
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
Do you have a vet school anywhere near you? That might be a place for a second opinion.
Taxas A&M maybe?


Small Animal Hospital Contact Info
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I don't think it's serious enough at the moment to take her to A&M. At the moment, travelling is out of the question due to some back issues both my DH & I are suffering.

I did do some research online and found 2 holistic vets in my area. One is about 5 mins from my work and the other is about 20 mins. away. Will have to see how she does in the next week or so before making a final decision. The shot she got lost Monday will stay in the tissues in her muscles and body for about 2 weeks. She does seem to be better today.
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