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Question of the Day - July 22nd!!

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I'm sooooooo sorry that this is so late. John downloaded a new adblocker on my laptop without telling me . So that got rid of all graphics and such and the "add new thread" button was missing from TCS all day. When I asked him why it was missing he told me what he did.

So anyway, the question of the day:

Other than TCS, what is your favorite website to visit?

For me it's a daily blog about a horse... lots of fun to read!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post

Other than TCS, what is your favorite website to visit?!
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It's ok you're "late", we forgive you! We just like that you do it at all! Besides, this is perfect for me, now I'm not last and I don't have to sneak on at work since I just got home!


Oh no, now you guys will know just how internet illiterate I am!

I don't visit hardly any other website besides ones for work. Really, the only other one I check regularly is AOL for my email! In fact, as I type, I only have up AOL and TCS!

When I'm working, I constantly have BofA's website up, but that is probably my LEAST favorite to visit!
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I'm NOT crazy! I'm NOT blind! YAY! We have a question! And, yes, of course, you're forgiven -- how were you to know?

Actually, TCS is seriously #1, but I do check into Facebook some, mostly for Scrabulous, and to a lesser degree a couple of cooking sites.
post #6 of 18 where I have my location bookmarked and check every time I'm on the computer!!
I've recently bookmarked a site where I check crude oil prices daily.
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Myspace and Pogo
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I can't pick just one!

It's a 3 way tie between , , and
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Probably Myspace, Facebook, and my local news site. I can't pick just one.
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Mainly here and Facebook
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The Onion!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I can't pick just one!
.... but the 90% of my time on the Net is TCS!...
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I dont really visit many other sites these days. Just myspace, xanga, and sometimes offtopic when I'm feeling bored.
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MySpace, Facebook, and the UK Daily Mail for my gossip.
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the only other 2 websites I go on daily are yahoo mail and my bank's I also check craigslist and icanhascheezburger frequently, but no website comes even close to the time I spend on TCS (which isn't as much as I used to, darn job )
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TCS is my number 1, but I do often go on ACWW, the place where I ride at in Wales and also Youtube a lot.
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