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So proud of my kittens!!

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2 weeks ago, they were hissing and spitting at me when they saw me, and I hadn't even started even trying to socialise them. They all had diarrhea and one of them was also vomiting. They improved really fast, and have had nice poop for over a week now, and the vomiting stopped - I assume it was stress and change of diet.


Larry is a social little darling. He is currently sprawled out next to me, leaning on me. He greets me when I enter the room, he purrs when he sees me, and rolls over so I can rub his belly, and plays constantly. After he's had his dinner, he comes and sits in my lap and purrs while he cleans himself.

Marissa was still hissing at me a week ago. She no longer runs away when I enter their room, she also starts purring if she's lying on the scratching post and wants attention. She loves playing, and will occasionally stay in my arms while I'm holding her.

Sergey has just in the last couple of days let me start patting him - yay! Now he headbutts my hands if I'm patting his siblings and not him He's also let me pick him up a couple of times! I still have the deep scratches on my hands from when I previously tried that.... He has a big purr, looks scared when people enter the room, but doesn't run away. He has made the biggest progress!

Francoise is my shy girl. She still hisses whenever I try to pat her, but she doesn't spit or strike out like she used to. She used to hide any time I was in the room, but the last 2 mornings she has stayed in the cat tree when I have first entered the room in the morning. She'll also eat breakfast when I put it out, rather than waiting for me to move away. Today she's been staying out in the open the entire time I've been in their room and dealt with me moving them all to the bathroom to vacuum and clean their room, which I also rearranged. She's also sitting in the cat tree next to me, and I just stuck my hand up and patted her and she started purring immediately! Yay! Her and Marissa are now wrestling

It's so good to see such progress!
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Awww, that's so good to hear. Cute sounding cats....any pictures?
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Check out Fur Pics! I have a few threads there of them
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Awww. I am so glad you were able to help them. They will make great pets now and will be likely to get the love they deserve.
BTW I think they are absolutely darling.
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