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Mexican kitty

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I just got married and we went on a honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. The weather was great and I loved the place but I missed my two little cats. I had a friend cat-sit for me.

Anyway, I had these cat sightings. I was in the restaurant and saw a cat just sitting there looking in. Soon, I found him and he had 3 small cats <1 year with him! The cat was so rough looking - there were bits taken out of his ears, he had a scar where I think he got caught in a wire, and scratches galore. However, he was so happy to see a person and came right up to me! He was skinny and I fed him some raw salmon and other food from the buffet.

I just thought it was really nice to see cats on my vacation because I missed my own so much. But mine have it so easy - being outdoors has not been an easy trip for the cat I met up as evidenced by all his scars.

I just thought I'd share!
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First of all, congratulations on your marriage Thanks for sharing about the cats you saw on your honeymoon. Strays have it rough alright, having to deal with abusive sickos, diseases, fleas and ticks, traffic, you name it! They're toughies, yet can have such soft hearts.

I know a cat who lives in a very nice park situated near the sea. He's the "alpha" among the 3 cats who stay there, always picking fights. He glares at them and they back off. Now he's matured and mellowed and he's even adopted a little kitten. The two of them are inseparable, the adult grumpy one and the scuttling kitten (who has since grown into a handsome young man)
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