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3 gone 2 to go

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A family came and took two, of my baby girls to their new home.One little girl left last week. I just have the little boy and Mama to find homes for. It is harder than I thought. I know I can't keep them. Lucky and Gus are more than a handful. I feel so sad, I am trying to be brave, for the kids but I am crying inside.
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I know how hard it is! You did a wonderful thing, finding them loving forever homes!
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Awwww - bless your heart. I know how heartbroken I would have been, too, if I would have had to part ways with Salem & the kittens - even though we already had five cats. It's soooo easy to get attached to them.. But at least you know in your heart that you found them a good home..

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I used to cry as they left too. Now I'm calling, emailing, and prodding their adoptive families to come and get them as soon as they can after they're speutered on Thursday!
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Awwww, it would be hard
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Its very hard to let them go. I have had to do it alot of time with ferals we caught and with Cocos Kittens. I still see her son because he went to my Sister. I kept her Girl but lost her in Dec and the other one went to my idiot cousin who gave her away without permision. We had told him to bring her back if he didnt want her. I felt bad everytime and would have kept them if I could. Do you have Pics of yours?
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My heart goes out to you! My five fosters just left me and took my heart with them!

It really is hard. They just left Sunday, so I've only been without them for two days, and I'm constantly wondering how they're doing, if they're ok, if they miss me, and how I can get them back!

Then I have to remind myself that they are going to good, happy homes, so that way I can save more kitties!

I can't imagine how you must feel. Losing one at a time, and knowing it's coming... In a way, I feel like I got lucky, since I thought I'd give them up this coming Saturday, but they left Sunday, so I didn't have time to lament, and it just kind of came and went so quickly! It's like a band aid. I ripped mine off all at once and quickly, which is bad enough, but yours is taking so long!

for you! You know you are doing a wonderful thing for them!
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Awww, bless your heart
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I know how hard it is! You did a wonderful thing, finding them loving forever homes!
...but that is the most important that they being be loved!..

I´ll give you a big hug!...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for a good settle of the all kittys in their new homes!...
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You can take comfort that their new families are going to love them forever! That way you can open up your house and heart to more foster kitties
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