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Freeway kitten

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My brother-in-law found a tiny kitten on a freeway the other day and of course he brought it to me.
He was lethargic and dehydrated (90+ outside)
I statred KMR and pedialyte right away..after 2 days he perked up. I took him to the vet today and doc said he looked good, despite the horrible case of earmites. He did not have fleas..I was shocked!
Doc said he is 5 weeks old and was not to concerned that he will not eat any gruel, just KMR out of a syringe. I tried canned kitten food mixed with KMR and Kitten chow wet and mushed. No way.
He is very alert, Playful...just cutest litte fuzzball.
I keep gruel in his cage all the time just in case he decides to try it, so far i am just wasting food.
Any suggestions how to get him to eat it..or should i just wait a little bit before i try it again
Of course...his name is Freeway!!

Hers is some pics of him
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Sounds to me like you're doing a great job! No advice, just wanted to say he's cute!
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ooooh, a fluffy black boy! he's going to be a real looker!
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Awwww, Freeway is a cutie He is very lucky to have you take him in
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Cutie pie. He is so adorable. He probably just wants some liquids for now. Give him a few days then try again.
He is going to be very very cute.
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Awww! He looks just like my Pants did when he was a wee one He's adorable. Thank you for taking him in; it sounds like you're doing an awesome job.
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What a cute little fluff ball!
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