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OUCH! Went to the dentist today

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Well I finally broke down and did it. I went to the dentist today for the first time in EIGHT years! I knew I had to go since I knew I had a couple of cavities. But I had a shocker today...I've got 6 cavities! Thank God they only cleaned and polished them...I'd be a hurting unit if they would have done them today. The dentist said my teeth look quite good for not having an dental work done for so long. I'm not looking forward to getting them fixed since they'll be doing 3 each visit. I'm just scared to death of dentists...I've always been that way. I've promised myself that I will not wait another 8 years for a visit...I even scheduled a appointment for 6 months!

Is anyone else a scaredy cat like me?
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I'm a big baby. Broken bones, torn ligaments and natural childbirth were no problem. Sit me in a dentist's chair and tears start rolling down my face. Thank goodness, I've only had three cavities, my whole life!
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I've never had a cavity! I had 4.5 years of braces, and 5 oral surgeries, though, so I guess I'm used to people fiddling with my mouth. I will say that I am extremely protective of it now, though, after all that! I'm more afraid of needles than the dentist, though.
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IHATE dentisit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with Katl8e,I would 20 kids before I went to one!
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I am really not afraid, I just don't like going...I probably have a cavity or 2 but who knows...Glad you are getting them taken care of though.at least you won't be hurting anymore....
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I don´t like going to the dentist at all. I get so claustrophobic having all this cotton and screws and things in my mouth, and beeing stuck there, just hate it.
I have bad teeth, my father is the same, but my sisters have very good teeth, I envy them so much. My teeth are straight and good looking, but get cavity easily
My dentist is a relative of mine, and after I did this ones, not going for some years, I told him about my bad feelings and he never takes long at the time, and always tells me what he is doing and what he´ll do next...I would rather go often than be stuck in the chair for a long time.
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My hubby has to have nitrous EVERY time he has work done. He had many bad experiences as a child. He has to be brave now as we have a 4 year old. I do go in and hold his hand and talk to him to distract him from what is going on.
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I have had an extremely bad experience with a dentist when I was 9 years old. I went to my greatgrandma's dentist. He was really old fashion and was putting a cap on my tooth. He told me to bite down and I did bite down but apparently not hard enough.. so he put his knee on my chest and start pushing my tooth down into my gums with his hands. It hurt SOOO bad and I was screaming at the top of my lungs and crying my eyes out.

I've only gone to the dentist once since then. I'm so scared of them.

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God, what an awful dentist that was Cass! It's so great that they have special dentists for kids now.

I really need to go see the dentist myself Pregnancy is supposed to be really bad for the teeth and I have not been to the dentist since long before my first pregnancy. I don't have any specific pains but I'm sure they'll find something....
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When your pregnant your blood stream is more active, and gum is more likely to swell, which of course is bad if you don´t take care of your teeth. But if you take good care of your teeth, bruch and flos, it should be enough.
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My "new" dentist is awesome!!!!

No more scraping, no more drills

They clean my teeth with an ultrasonic cleaner.... it is suppost to vaporize the tarter off your teeth.... (Don't know if it works!) But my teeth feel SOOOOOOOOOO clean after I leave!
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I want to have your dentist!
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I am terrified of the dentist. It's strange too... I've never had a cavity, so I don't know the evils of the drill. Just having the cleaning thing vibrate in my mouth is enough to turn my stomach. I'm white-knuckled and very stiff in the chair, and although my dentist is very friendly, and I like him a lot as a person, it doesn't help while I'm in there for my cleanings. Honestly, I'd go back and have my wisdom teeth out again before I'd want to go back in for a cleaning... at least they knocked me out for that.
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Well, I had braces as a kid, and grew up not being scared of the dentist at all. But in the past four years or so I've had some completely horrible experiences (I don't go numb if I have an infection...)so now I am nervous each time I go in. And I've gone like every few months in the past two years! Small cavities I have filled with no anaesthetic, that's no big deal even if it stings, and cleaning the tartar off is a breeze, having oral surgery done when removing my wisdom teeth wasn't too bad, but root canals are bad, resection was awful, worst of all was an extraction and getting the implant done hasn't been exactly comfortable- no knocking out for any of this. But I got these problems because I hadn't seen the dentist for a few years, so now I go at least every year to make sure no problem develops that large!
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Darrell, when he was a kid, went to the dentist and when the assistant went to put in one of those photo thingys, it made Darrell gag. He spit it out, she put it back in, he spit it out, 6 nurses held him down while the denstist shoved it in.

He now needs Adivan to see the dentist.
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