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Kitten Kclub

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I thought i would start a thread like a group for parents of kittens aged newborn to 2

We can talk about food , health , behaviour , share pics , share what our kittens are upto

What do you lot think?
Jess x
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For now, how 'bout a cute kitten pic?

Y'all can tell that I'm a proud Meowmy!
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Well, since I'm hugely proud of my baby, here are some photos of her One Year Old Birthday party this past May.

Even when Bella is 20, she'll be my kitten.
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My Kitten will be born any day. It is due today. My other Kitten Oreo will be 1 on Aug 29th.
Here is my Oreo before I got her.

This is her at 5 Months.

and her on July 4th.

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Originally Posted by EmeraldSongbird View Post

Oooooh! Black kitties! My fav!! (next to pink kitties, that is! ).
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well... did you mean newborn to 2 years? if so, i have one that qualifies!
my Firefox, the night i took her in...

and today!

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Ooooh Firefox is a beautiful girl And so is Oreo!
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If its to age 2 here is my Sasha.
This is at 3 months on her first day here.

Sasha on July 4th

Sasha taken sometime last year.
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Aw, Evie is 3 months too old for the Kitten Club!

And they're no longer mine in person, but these are my kittens in heart!

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Did someone say... kittens?

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I have two older kittens. Church and Roxy are both about 9 months old now, although Roxy will still be growing for a long time since she's a Maine Coon!

I also have a litter of "foster" kittens, ferals that were born in my backyard.

That equals in total nine kittens...the litter is a litter of 7.

I think that the feral kittens might be "younger silbings" of Church. Church was also a feral kitten, I caught him last fall when he was 5-6 weeks old, and his mother was a small skinny all-black feral from the neighborhood. The kittens I just caught are all brown tabbies like him and their mother was also a small, skinny black cat!

Church and Roxy-

Foster Kittens-

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