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He's not eating!!!

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I have noticed that my 4 month old kitten hasn't eaten for over 24 hours. This is very unusual for him, I usually fill his bowl 3x a day. He gets wet and dry food, mixed. He gets Felidae dry and meow mix wet. He is always meowing at me so this morning I thought nothing of it. He acts like he is hungry but not eating??
I took him to the vet yesterday for his shots and thats the only thing out of the ordinary. Would this have an effect on his appetite? He plays and sleeps normal. Any suggestions?
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It could possibly affect his appetite but I wouldn't let him go much longer without eating. When you say you mix his wet and dry food, you don't mean you literally mix them together do you? It would be better if you kept them separate since dry food can go bad more quickly if moistened.

I would try hand-feeding him if he doesn't eat on his own. Cats can go into liver failure if they don't eat for 48 hours. If he has a favourite food, try hand feeding that to get him started eating on his own.
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Well.....I do mix them together because that was the only way I could get him to eat dry food. From now on I won't. I had no idea that they can go into liver failure from not eating for 48 hours!!! Thats scary
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You are so lucky he will eat wet food. Some of us here would give anything to get our cats to eat wet food since it really is the healthiest diet.
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He eats more wet food than dry food. I give him Felidae cat and kitten formula. But....if he is eating more of the wet food, should I get him a better quallity food than Meow mix?? I could get him the wet Felidae. Felidae is a great food, but I wish he would eat more of it.
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buy 1 can of the Felidae wet & see if he'll eat it before you invest a bunch of money in it. you can give him the wet as his primary food source, & have some dry out for nibbling in between meals - kittens eat quite a bit while they're growing.
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