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Illness--need opinions quick

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First off we have a vet visit at 4 today.

I noticed yesterday that our cat Jack who is just a year old was laying around alittle more than normal.

This morning I woke up to the other cat wanting fed but no sign of Jack--who is usually the most forward about needing to eat in the AM
I went to the kitchen and found Jack asleep on a piece of carpet in the kitchen (they use the back to scratch on)

He did get up when I filled the food bowls, but ate very little and returned to the carpet square.

AT about noon I was leaving to go get my haircut and Jack was still sleeping on the carpet so I thought maybe if I got out the treats that would get him up--well he got up but did not touch the treats.

I just came home about 20 minutes ago, treats are still on the floor and Jack is still on the carpet. I picked him up on my lap and felt his paws, his ears and his belly, appeared to have a normal reaction to me doing all those things.

I sat him on the floor and he went right back to the carpet square.

I looked all around the house, I didn't find anything he could have gotten into.

Opinions? Thoughts? We were scheduled to see the vet today for one year check up anyway.

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It doesn't sound good. I'm glad you are getting him to a vet today. Please keep us updated after the visit. Prayers and healing vibes for your sweet kitty.
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Of course I'm home alone--hubby is at work. Time isn't going by quick enough for the appt to come!

I'm so scared

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It might just be that he's having an off day, like people sometimes they just don't feel good. Its good that you have an appointment with the Vet.

Prayers and
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Thanks for the vibes we need them.

Meanwhile I'm watching him closely.

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You probably already did, but maybe call the vet's office and tell them you're not just coming in for well kitty annual check-up? They might be able to get you in sooner, or tell you if they want you to bring anything in other than his fecal sample, etc, or at least maybe make sure you get into an exam room asap when you arrive. Best wishes that he's just having an off day.
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I did call and ask if they had anything sooner because Jack was acting very oddly today. They said they were booked solid but to come a few minutes early to my appt just incase one of the vets could see us earlier.

She say to look and see if he could have gotten into anything and check the litter box for both feces and urine--just to monitor constipation etc (with two cats its hard to decifer who actually did those two things tho)

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I would be willing to bet Jack has an elevated temp. They get really droopy like that when their temp goes up.

Have you seen Jack urinate? Blockage is alway a concern in a male cat that is lethargic. This would be an emergency.

Hopefully it is something small, virus or minor infection somewhere and he will be back to normal soon.

I am glad you got him a vet appt, he definitely needs to go. Please update when you get back.
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I hope he will be ok.
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Haven't seen him go down to the basement to pee today but I have been in and out of the house and all around the house as we leave for vacation on Friday...

I definitely saw him use it yesterday, and when I scooped last night there was both urine and feces in the boxes--more than one cats worth so to speak.

I almost took his temp but decided to not to put him through that twice in one day, as he already isn't feeling well. I hope its just a little bug. He is a normally healthy baby. The vet does think he has the herpes virus though.

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Meeko did that and she had a 105 fever. It took days for her to eat and drink even when she was on the meds. My other Cat acted that why and she died. It can be so many things though. If its herpes like the vet thinks he will be ok. I notice ever since Meeko was very sick as a kitten she will get runny eyes.
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Oh where to begin

Both have fleas (thank you Petsmart for adopting out a cat with fleas)
Both have tapeworms
Harley has eye infection (herpes eye probably like Jack has)

And my poor baby Jack--has a fever of 106 degrees. I was given two options one, stay overnight and get IV fluids or two, get subq fluids and steriod shot come home and go back tomorrow for recheck of temperature. I am currently out of a job so we choose option two.

He is already acting much better, even used the potty for the first time today. Cross our fingers his fever goes down by tomorrow. Hubby and I leave town on Friday at noon.

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Oh, poor babies - too bad the fleas weren't picked up when you took them to the vet when you adopted them....darn darn darn. Now do you have to work on the whole house to get rid of them? I hope Jack gets better with all the resilience of youth so you can leave without being worried.
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the sub-qs usually perk them up pretty quickly.
for the herpes - are you supplementing w/lysine?
that the fleas & other problems are resolved quickly!
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I hope Jack's fever comes down...it's the most worrysome of all the things. Fortunatley the tapeworm and fleas can clear up quickly with persistence (for the fleas) and medication for the tapeworm and eye problem.

Did the Vet give a reason for the temperature?

Good luck on all fronts! Is there someone to look in on the cats while you're away?
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oh poor kitties!!

good luck with everything!!!

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Did the Vet say to try babyfood. My Vet told me to give that because Meeko would not eat at all when her fever was 105. your Cat will get better but it will take a few days.
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darlili- yes, my husband has already treated the house. tomorrow I will be vaccuuming and washing everything.

laureen--he wants to try an eye ointment first to see if Harley responds to it

MAXCAT-I hope it comes down too--I'm am worried sick. The vet thinks its just a virus or maybe bacterial infection of some sort. We did get antibiotics to give him twice a day.

We have a great friend watching them while we are gone. She is a great Meowny to her three and is more than happy to do whatever we need. She is who brought Jack to us as a little kitten.

Before we left for our softball game we fed the boys their wet food. I took Jack's to him in the dining room and laid the plate in front of him. When we came home it was eaten, but I can't honestly say if it was him or Harley. Hubby said Jack appeared to be licking his lips, so cross your fingers he ate it! I may offer wet in the morning again, so that I know he is getting the extra water from it (they are normally fed dry in the morning and both do well at drinking water)

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No he didn't mew2much--but I may try that depending on how things go by morning.

I do think he ate his wet tonight but dont' know for sure.

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The fever makes your Cat not want to eat.
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Oh I know, he hadn't eaten all day. I was hoping the fluids would encourage his eating--as they definitely up-ed his energy.

He did finally eat the three treats I gave him at 10 this morning...

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if you go the baby food route, make sure to get baby food without ANY onion products! Don't need to make them anemic on top of this! ((Jack & Harley))
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Jack is acting much much more normal. His third eyelid has gone away and he even came in to the living room and laid on the coffee table and slept. He also ate some more food and drank some water (I added a ice cube to make it more enticing)

I will now be able to sleep tonight. He will get his antibiotic in the morning again and we will see the vet at 4:15 for a temperature recheck.

Fingers crossed his fever has dropped.

I have a busy day tomorrow, vacuuming and washing the house down for fleas!

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It sounds like he's feeling much better..what a relief.

Try to vacuum as much as you can before you leave....any flea eggs left will be hatching when you're gone. Hopefully you'll get a real handle on things to minimize the infestation....

Isn't it nice when they start to feel better
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Jack is doing great this morning. He is definitely acting like himself. He ate this morning and is up and about. I look forward to the vet at 4 to see what his temperature is.

Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and vibes!

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Let us know how he is doing when you get back!

for your precious kitties!
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I dont' ever want to see him sick like this again!

He did leave me a nice present on my thigh this morning while getting his antibiotics! Nails need trimmed here!

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So glad he's feeling better, and, gee, now you have that nice clean house as well
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We went to the vet for his recheck and his temperature was back to normal 101.4 down from 106.1 yesterday at the same time.

He will continue his antibiotics for a 10 days. Vet just thinks it was a virus that possibly the new cat brought home from the shelter (that he himself was fighting/fought better than Jack could).

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post

He did leave me a nice present on my thigh this morning while getting his antibiotics! Nails need trimmed here!

That's definitely one present I NEVER mind getting!

I am late in reading this thread, but I'm glad to hear that Jack is doing better!

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