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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I can't get my head around why a bus driver would refuse to admit that person and not ask the person with the stroller to move to the back - it's not that difficult and as I said many posts back, the bus driver has to take some responsibility here as well.
The driver can't do anything because of transit's stance on this being a human rights issue and those front spaces being "first come, first serve."

The policy needs to be changed in order to allow transit drivers the freedom to tell people to fold up their strollers. Until it's changed, the driver can't do a thing except to leave the person at the bus stop because there is no room. Doing anything else is either in violation of the person's "human rights" or Transit's policy.

If some punks on the TTC were bothering other passengers the driver would certainly do something about that so
Actually, no the driver can't do anything about that. What they are supposed to do is keep driving because the #1 priority is keeping to the schedule. They can radio in to transit who will call the police and the police are expected to find the bus en route! Believe it or not, but that same policy is in place for someone in medical need of an ambulance. The bus is not supposed to stop and wait for the ambulance, they are to keep driving and the ambulance is supposed to meet them at some point. This facilitates expediency in removing the person from the bus and minimizes the delay in the schedule.

Transit here is really stupid with their policies. I remember one time my brother told me that he stopped the bus in between stops because there was a drunk person passed out in the street. The area of town is notorious for stuff like that. He got out of the bus and dragged the woman off the road and propped her against the wall of the bar that she probably came out of. There happened to be a transit supervisor in the area who saw this. My brother got raked over the coals for having stopped his bus to help the woman. According to the supervisor, he should have gone around her and radioed in to have transit take care of it.

So he was supposed to drive around her, radio it in, and leave her in the street where she could have been hit by a car who didn't see her in time to drive around her.

So I'm not at all surprised, given some of the stories my brother has told me, that transit has a policy which allows disabled people to be left on the curb to await the next bus.
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Originally Posted by katie=^..^= View Post
If it comes to the point where I am in a wheelchair it helps to know I will still have the independence to go out, get on the bus and go to the library, or wherever.

And that was the original intention behind those buses. I remember the news stories when they were talking about the new buses transit was getting. They talked about disabled people, not about strollers. But somewhere along the lines things have blurred and now the policy about folding up strollers has gone out the window and women with strollers are considered "priority" at the same level as someone in a wheelchair when it comes to those spots.
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As most of the arguments used in this thread have already been repeated umpteen times, the thread will now be . When the original poster has an update, she can contact a moderator to have the thread reopened.
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